Slump Status: Time Management

As the most faithful of my readership may or may not know, I’ve recently been finding myself in quite a bit of a slump, as mentioned in a post I wrote about a week ago.

This muse-banishing, homeworking-procrastinating, Internet-hating, time-wasting slump is yet to let me out of its grasp, and I suppose that would be because do to the fact that either a) I have so many things to do, b) I have nothing at all to do, or c) I have very poor time management.

My daily schedule usually looks a little like this: oversleep, rush to get ready for school, get to school, hang out with friends, get home, do chores, do my homework, eat dinner, and then spend an hour or so spending quality time with la familia. This usually means that by the time I have everything done, it’s 9-ish and I’m dead tired. So I sleep for 9-10 hours and wake up rushing but feeling like a zombie.

Guys. It gets old.

So subject for the day is: Time Management! And in celebration of this rather wide-spread ill, I’ve actually looked up some real-life tips on it. Which is weird, because usually, I just make stuff up and hope that you’ll continue to blindly trust me.

I will say, however, that this post is a little bit more for me than for you, but hey, if you’re having Time Management Issues like me, you may or may not find them useful.


Stuff To Do When Your Time Management Skills Start To Suck Like Really, Really Badly:

  • Make a To-Do List – every single day when you wake up, with your highest priorities first and listing them down from there.
  • Pretend that Other People Don’t Exist – lock yourself in your room (or your kitchen, or your one-bedroom apartment, or whatever) and do whatever it is you need to be doing. DO NOT turn on your Internet. DO NOT watch T.V. (I know, it’s a lot harder than it sounds, but SELF-CONTROL, my loves, SELF-CON-FREAKING-TROL.) and write that paper, or that fanfiction chapter, or do your homework, for goodness’ sake.
  • Use Every Spare Moment – maybe you take the bus in the morning, and you’re on it for 15 minutes (I’m on mine for half an hour to and from school). So write. Do your homework on the way home. Whatever. Get to class a little early and use that extra minute. When you’re sick, take a notebook with you to your school nurses’ office. Use every spare moment.
  • Buy A Daily Planner – I’ve been meaning to do this for a really long time. My mom has one, and ever since I got it for her, she’s been really, really organized. I don’t mean one of those cheap dollar-tree 12-page 12-month calendars. I mean a HUGE, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TODAY planner. Trust me, it’ll help.

… So maybe my reasearch wasn’t as extensive as I’d hoped. I mean… but those help a little bit, right? I hope they’ll help me. >>”

Hoping to come out of her slump,



5 comments on “Slump Status: Time Management

  1. hmm… i love my day planner. great post love! and, i have a week off starting this friday… do you think i should try and pull of a novel in those ten days? do you think it would kill me?

    • I THINK IT WILL KILL YOU. But I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to die gallantly, pulling off a 10-day novel! I will motivate you in WWaW and write along with you. A collection of short stories and/or The Never Ending War Chapters, if you’d like!

  2. Don’t slump. It’s bad for posture.

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