Once Upon A Time (Spolier: The Tooth Fairy and Santa)

I believed in the Tooth Fairy for the longest time. Every time I’d lose a tooth, I’d rush home excitedly and put it under my pillow as soon as  possible. But then, one day, I lost my tooth while I was with my older cousin. And I let out this sweet little 7-year-old sqeal and said, “Look, ‘Maggio! I lost a tooth! How much do you think the Tooth Fairy will bring me?” and he just stared at me for a minute, and in his big, 11-year-old cousin way, he told me that I was stupid and that the Tooth Fairy I so looked up to was actually a complete fake, and that my parents had lied to me, and that he couldn’t believe I’d been dumb enough to believe them, and he asked me if I believe in Santa, too, because he, like the Easter Bunny, wasn’t real.

It’s that memory that named this blog, actually. The good old Tooth Fairy was by far my favorite “make-believe” character.

Thing is, I don’t see the Tooth Fairy as make believe, contrary to what popular belief is. No, I don’t think she really has some hidden factory where she stores the teeth of the children of the world and produces money in exchange for those teeth (because that would totally kill our economy), nor do I think that there’s a Jolly Ol’ Fat Man living in the North Pole that illegally enters people’s homes in some seemingly kind act of what I’ve come to believe is reverse-robbery. But I do think that, as long as someone believes in any of these people/bunnies/fairies/jack o’ lanterns, they’re real.

But maybe that’s just because I have a soft heart, and I wouldn’t want any other seven year old’s dreams to be crushed as mine were.

Also: I am writing a guest post for La Stranezza, so I may or may not be around for a bit… but I’m going to work VERY HARD to have the next chapter of tNEW up on Sunday, as planned.

I love you all, and I hope the Tooth Fairy will stay forever in your hearts,



25 comments on “Once Upon A Time (Spolier: The Tooth Fairy and Santa)

  1. I approve of your name dropping. ^.^

  2. Also: being obnoxious.

  3. ok, your blog looks amazing I am transferring over to wordpress, I need your help tomorrow. xoxo

  4. Sweet story. :)

  5. I love the thought that Santa could be charged with breaking and entering. It’s hilarious! Same with the Tooth Fairy. She could also be charged with theft of unattached body parts. And the Easter Bunny could be charged with unlawful use of others property, stealing eggs and hiding them. Unless the Bunny laid the eggs itself… Do bunnies lay eggs?
    I love fictional characters who are widely accepted in our culture…

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