Single’s Awareness Day (SAD)

Happy Single’s Awareness Day (helpfully abbreviated to SAD)! What should you do on SAD?


Things You Should do on Singles Awareness Day, 2012:

  • listen to upbeat music
  • dance around your room (whether you’re alone or with one of your friends [or even acquaintances]).
  • eat disgusting Singles Awareness Day chocolates
  • watch movies. Because movies are pretty rad.
  • Do your algebra homework (because it NEVER ENDS).
  • hook up your best friends so that they can celebrate the so-called Valentine’s Day so that you can celebrate SAD in peace.
  • send a dozen roses to your workplace with this card attached: “To make you smile. From, Your Secret Admirer”. (Only you will know that they’re from you!)
  • commit songs by Tupac to memory (Forgive but don’t forget / girl / keep yo’ head up).
  • Take a nap. Or multiple naps.
  • Invite a bunch of people also observing the SAD holiday to your house so that you can eat lobster and laugh at the losers who celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  • spend 3+ hours on TV Tropes.
  • spend multiple hours gushing over the SAD/Valentine’s Day that your friends were given.
  • eat POP ROCKS. Because they are the greatest inventions known to man.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will make this SAD even better than any before!



8 comments on “Single’s Awareness Day (SAD)

  1. You aren’t helping. :D

  2. I feel well and truly aware of my SADness. This list was quite helpful in keeping myself downcast today. Thanks for giving us such a depressed spirit on such a depressing day!

  3. Alternatively, fall asleep at 5 PM and stay that way until 6 AM the next day.

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