Slump Status


How has your week without me been? Empty? Full of loathing and blind hope that one day I would return?

Well, I am back to answer your metaphorical prayers! I MISSED YOU. YES, YOU. No, NOT YOU, FISH. I’VE SEEN YOU. BUT EVERYONE ELSE, I’VE MISSED YOU EVER SO.

Now. As for my multiple-week-long slump: I think it’s finally disappeared. I don’t feel the constant need to be doing something productive (because that constant need usually drives me to push off whatever I’m supposed to be doing). So yeah! I think it’s gone!

I’ve been working on tNEW in my absence, and I have… seventeen plus chapters plotted out, so I guess this story’s going to be going on a bit longer than I anticipated.

I will be posting it on schedule this weekend, I’m hoping. But it might be pushed back. Because I kind of have a lot of stuff to do this weekend… So that’ll be fun.

ALSO. I WATCHED THE SECOND HALF OF V for Vendetta and I just want to say: Watch. It. It was a good movie. I kind of loved it. Like, a lot.

And I’m sick. So I’m gonna go before I ramble on too much.




11 comments on “Slump Status

  1. That’s brilliant! “I MISSED YOU. YES, YOU. No, NOT YOU, FISH.”
    If you’re wondering, it’s all of the above for the first question.
    What’s with people and getting sick? It makes me glad we’re only internet friends, so I can’t catch anything contagious. Get better. NOW!

  2. I missed you, of course. You might actually be the only blog I follow, I hope you know this.

  3. I missed you too…
    …Nope, Chuck Testa.

  4. You are still allowed to miss a person you see you know. :)

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