Today, I was given four awards. I will only be accepting 3 of them, because I have already received the Liebster.

You all remember this one, don't you?

So first, there’s the Ten Commandments Award, which I have never before heard of but hey, it’s fun(:

So here’s the picture:

That picture... *cough*

And questions. So let’s see…

Describe Yourself in Seven Words: annoying, imperfect, happy-go-lucky, adventureous, how-many-words-is-this?, bubbly, sleepy

What Keeps You Up At Night: um… the thought of someone breaking into my house via window? Other than that… the thought of someone else being kept awake at night worrying about me keeps me up.

Who Would You Like To Be?: My mother. Or prehaps my aunt (both of them). Other than that… well, Olivia. You don’t know her (unless you do) but if she ever saw this, she’d understand.

What Are You Wearing Right Now?: A Death Note tee and sweat pants. I’m off to bed soon.

What Scares You: I’m fearless, like the chick in V for Vendetta.

What Are the Best And Worst Things About Blogging?: For me, the best and worst thing about it is knowing that someone is going to read what I write, and they’re going to form some sort of opinion on it.

What Was the Last Website You Looked At?: Besides this one, I was on YouTube, watching a Nicki Minaj lyrics video for a song whose very title has so much profanity that I cannot even type it here. It is, however, a good song.

What Is One Thing You Wish You Could Change About Yourself: Oh my. If anything, I wish that I could change my tendency to think I’m better than the average human being. It’s rather terrible.

Slankets, Yes or No?: No. I don’t know what those are. So no.

Tell Us Something About the Person Who Nominated You: My Dear Friend Liam is a cool cat. We talk all the time. He’s even given me awards before, and he’s ALWAYS updating his blog, and he’s homeschooled, and… he’s magical. And a musical genius, although I’ve never heard his music. And yeah. He’s one of my heroes.


Would you take a LOOK at that flower!

Now questions that come with that one:

Favorite Color: Purple.

Favorite Animal: Angelfish. Like my very specccccial Sarah Angel Fish.(:

Favorite Number: Well, FAVORITE number, or LUCKY number? Favorite is twenty-seven, lucky number is three.

Favorite Drink: water.

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter. Hands down, no competition, Twitter.

My Passion: Sleeping.

Getting or Giving Presents: You wanna tell me how it would sound if I said getting presents? I mean, that’s what I would say if I were honest. But because I’m not, I’ll say I enjoy giving presents more, because it’s about THE OTHER PERSON and all that jazz.

Favorite Pattern: Does someone want to explain this to me?

Favorite Day of the Week: Wednesday. No one likes Wednesday but me.

Favorite Flower: Um. Roses?

And the Candle-Lighter award. I don’t… I don’t understand WHAT a Candle-Lighter award is, but okay.

Just the Picture for This One, Guys.

ANYWAY! Nominations:

I have none. Everyone’s been nominated. CURSE YOU, LIAM, FOR NOMINATING EVERYONE THAT I FOLLOW.

Oh wait! There’s one!

But I’m sure that Stranezza would be mad at me for giving it to him…




12 comments on “Awards!

  1. Thank you for such a flattering description of me! And yes, I neglected Stranezza because he blew my head off after I gave him the last award. And then, while blowing my head off, he won a guest post. That sort of thing could only happen on my blog… Good post.

    • Thanks, dearie. And I gave Stranezza the award for the purpose of him being angry with me. ^.^ Really, he loves getting awards. He just doesn’t want to admit to it because he’s really a robot and isn’t supposed to show any emotion.


  3. Olivia is one of those people highly mentioned on both of our blog, but doesn’t have a blog. For those of you who don’t know her, she is excellent.

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