One Thousand Comments, and A Winner.


Do you all remember my 500th comment or something like that? In which Sarah said ‘I Hate You’ and in turn, won a prize?

Well. Isn’t this ironic.

The thousandth comment on this very blog was:

La Stranezza: 

I laugh at your misfortune, because it is in the nature of humans to laugh the misfortunes of others away. Also, I just decided I’m going to write about that.
I’m glad we had this talk, Frau Kade of Lizbean.

That’s right. My oh-so-very-special thousandth comment is yet another one in which people laugh at my misfortune.

Isn’t that great?

Stranezza, if you’re reading this, I’ll NaNo-mail you about a prize.

Congratulate him, if you see fit.

I love you all. Yes, even you Havoc. And *yes*, even you, Stranezza, even though you laugh at me.



11 comments on “One Thousand Comments, and A Winner.

  1. I laugh at the irony of this situation as well! Mahogwa!

  2. lol.

    and i just noticed you’re doing screnzy! good luck with that–i tried last year and failed, it’s not for me. (only OLL thing i’ve failed and i like to pretend it doesn’t count because it doesn’t have nano in the name)

    oh right, i think i remember, you won with some amazing script last year, right? you’re already three steps ahead of the robot queen then, love. <3 bahahaha

  3. I’d better start saying bad things about you, Coffee, or I won’t win many contests here. But I have won one… Do remember what I said to win that? Oh, I remember, I didn’t say anything. Weird. So you reward me for not saying anything? I might as well just start insulting you or stop saying anything at all.

  4. D: I don’t win?

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