Don’t Be Frightened. Change is Good.

If you’ve visited the blog within the last couple of days, you may have noticed the slight changes.

And by ‘slight’, I mean, I changed the theme and the title and the sub-title, even though it’s hard to see the sub-title.

Well! What do you guys think? ‘The Land of Man-Eating Pixies’ has been changed to ‘Adventures of the Coffee Machine’, and if you could see the sub-title (it’s at the top of the page), it says ‘in the Land of Man-Eating Pixies’. Thoughts?

Also, this new theme… Well, I like it. Mystique was just *so* overused.

I would love opinions on this. Contrary to popular belief, I actually *care* about what you all have to say.

IN OTHER NEWS. I’m still working on The Never Ending War, as I’ve been devoting all my time to a guest post that I was supposed to write a month ago for Liam, Head Phil.

Also: You all remember this post about Sarah’s terrible text messages to me? She’s not really *all that bad*. She doesn’t say anything too terrible to me. Nothing I don’t say back to her, anyway. We have a beautiful relationship. <3

And I must be off.

I love you.



16 comments on “Don’t Be Frightened. Change is Good.

  1. I like it quite a bit. It’s cleeeaaaan, and also I like the new title.

  2. I agree, a lot cleaner.

  3. coffee machine and the robot queen!
    me likely.

  4. Much cleaner and easier to read.

  5. You’re right, Mystique was overused.
    Eh, I think the title and subtitle should be switched. I liked the old title as the title, because I could say “Queen Coffee from the Land of Man-Eating Pixies”, which sounds quite awesome. Now when I link it looks like “Queen Coffee from Adventures of the Coffee Machine”, which doesn’t have the same ring to it. It’s nice thinking that you’re the queen of the man-eating pixies. But it doesn’t matter, I suppose.
    I’m sorry I took all your time. I’ll stop demanding things now.

  6. Change is good. I need to hang out here more often so I can notice when there is change. Off to spam your blog with comments, okay?

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