A Few Thoughts on Birthdays

My birthday’s coming up. In like. Nine days. 

I’m not as excited as I should be, but I never really am. It’s mostly just the idea of birthdays that get people all hyped up anyways. 

I’ve never been big on huge celebrations. Usually, I’ll just hang out at the mall or go to a nice dinner with my family. I intend to spend my birthday in the same manner this year. 

I think one of my biggest reasons to not have huge birthday celebrations is because my birthday is always during spring break, and so many of my friends and their families go on vacation during this time. 

It kinda sucks. But I deal. 

ANYWAY! This year, I think I’ll just hang out and do fun stuff. Now on to other topics-

What’s that? 

You want to know what I want for my birthday?

An iPod touch. Or a Kindle (because I’ve been meaning to get one of these e-readers). Or perhaps a deal of money. Or maybe a date with Sarah, in which we will go to the mall and then the burger joint and then Target and then to Barnes and Noble. 

Something simple. 

What’s that? You want to send me something?

Oh. You didn’t say that. Well. Nevermind then. >>” 

SEND ME BIRTHDAY LOVE. It’ll make me happy!(:

Alas, I must be off. 

I love you.



9 comments on “A Few Thoughts on Birthdays

  1. I’ll be at your birthday party in spirit, if not in body. One of the downsides (or upsides, in this case) of homeschooling is… (wait for it)… no spring break! Thus, I’ll still be here, typing away, giving you comments day after day after day after day after day… No rest for the weary. But when it’s for a good cause, you learn to enjoy it.
    So. I’ll be there.

  2. Dude my birthday this year? Sucked. Badly. November was arguably the worst month of my existence and the only thing I did to *celebrate* it was make doughnuts that tasted like soggy waffles.

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