Havoc Says Mean Things To Me.

You, dear readers, may know of a certain person. What is this mystery person called? Havoc. Freaking Havoc.

She’s adorable. BUT SO MEAN.

“Coffee, the only thing you’re good for is to link my blog.”

What. A. Jerk.

Hi. I’m Olivia. I don’t blog. I’m just stealing the keyboard. I met Kadence and good ol’ Sarah in bad ol’ fifth grade. I was very awkward. And I think they knew that. So we didn’t talk much after that. But, after two years of not really caring about each other we became really good friends. And now I’m in a “polygamous lesbian” relationship with them because now i’m not as awkward. I’m still awkward. Just not that awkward. Sarah is a grammar nazi if you didn’t know. And Kadence is a spelling nazi if you didn’t know. So usually i’m being plowed with literature nazi-ness and it is quite the occurence to behold. Thanks for hearing me ramble. Bye. Btw- I like Mumford and Sons.– Olivia

Well. I’m back. (Kadence = Meh. Sarah = HAVOC THE MEANIE FACE.)

She’s lovely,isn’t she? Usually I don’t share her. She’s mine. -possessive- But Havoc talks about her quite frequently. And posts lovely pictures of her. Also on Sarah’s tumblr, there are lovely pictures of Olivia’s FACE. HER FACE IS BEAUTIFUL.

Just so you know.

That’s it for today. I love you.

(yes. you.)




7 comments on “Havoc Says Mean Things To Me.

  1. […] I thought i might do something different today and upload a page directly from the note book I write in. I chose a poem that I wrote for my lovely Olivia, whom of which did some writing on Coffee’s blog today, if you want to check that out here.  […]

  2. I am not a lurker. :<

  3. Why are they your friends if they’re so mean to you? The only reason you would be friends with mean people would be if you were mean yourself. However, evidence suggests that you aren’t mean, so the only logical conclusion is that your friends aren’t mean either. You must be suffering from grade A hallucinations. I suggest rest, relaxation, and John le Carré’s The Constant Gardener. It’s awesome.

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