We’re Back, Folks.

Hiatus-status is over, my loves. Good thing, too. I was missing you. Like, a lot.

Unfortunately, I’ve taken the month to watch Gossip Girl and old seasons of Degrassi (my guilty pleasures, if you didn’t know) rather than write The Never Ending War or Screaming and Dancing, Team.

So yeah. Not good.

Today, however, does mark the beginning of the annual Camp NaNoWriMo challenge, an OLL event that I *do* intend to win this year, thankyouverymuch.

At my grandmother’s house yesterday, over the course of like, two hours, I planned out what I’ll be writing this year – in a sentence, it’s about a young man who is sentenced to death, and then, finding favor with Lucifer, eventually decides that he’d be a better devil, and in thinking so, takes his job. And then he dies in the end, so. Trust me, it sounds a lot better in my head. But whatevs.

Also, in first period today, instead of doing anything that I could have/should have been doing, I both a) planned out an entire trilogy revolving around this novel (with this novel being the last in the series) and wrote a short story for Nicholas (which I will post on Sunday. It was rather.. terrible and lovely.).

In other news, I must be off. Writing to do, don’t you know.

I loveth you.



6 comments on “We’re Back, Folks.

  1. OH MY GOSH. She isn’t dead. :D

  2. 1. You change your blog theme more than a girl changes clothes, which is more than I change blog themes.Burn.
    2. I also thought you were dead. Which was, frankly, upsetting, because how are you supposed to rickroll dead people?
    3. While we’re at it (and while I’m busy being lazy and forgetting your email address) could you write a guest post for me because I’mma be out of town not next week but the week after that I was going to schedule some neat stuff. Also, that was supposed to be a question but it turned into a statement and I hate when that happens–don’t you?

    • 1. ‘Tis true. I feel the need for change every so often. What do you think of this recent one?
      2. As I said, I am dead. You’re speaking to a ghost.
      3. Sure thing. I’ll e-mail you a post when I write it. I’ll write it sometime this weekend. And yes, I hate that, as well.
      4. (I BET YOU DIDN’T EXPECT A THING FOUR) I’m sleepy.

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