In Which I Stress Out For A Bit, and Then Quote Some Lana Del Rey Songs.

OOOOH I WROTE THE TITLE, and I was intending to talk about that stuff, BUT! Just for the sake of switching it up, I’m doing it… IN REVERSE.

My old man is a bad man, but, he got a soul as sweet as bloodred jam and he shows me he knows me, every inch of my tar-black soul.

I will love you ’til the end of time, I would wait a million years.

It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you, everything I do.. 

All three are from different songs, in case you were wondering. I’m actually rather fond of Lana Del Rey. I think she’s pretty and her voice is weird in a way that I’m partial to.


If you couldn’t tell: I’m stressing out. Like, big-time stressing out. That’s why I hit 10k this weekend (Oh, yeah, guys, I hit ten thousand words last night), so that I could work on studying and the like.

My state has the Algebra End of Course Exams (EOC) coming up. I believe that the only purpose of this test is to stress all of us students out.

I’m worried I’m going to fail. I’ve never failed anything in my life, and I’m going to fail the pass/fail Algebra EOC for my first high school credit. That’s just. That’s just freaking awesome.


In other news, I’m currently brewing tea and trying to make my braids look halfway presentable before I head off to school.

Speaking of, I must be off. Wish me luck on this dreary day, won’t you?

I love you. You. ^.^



7 comments on “In Which I Stress Out For A Bit, and Then Quote Some Lana Del Rey Songs.

  1. I wish you luck and horchata (which is delicious, bee tee dubs) in all your worldly adventures!

  2. good luck on your algebra thingy love. i`ve got a chemistry exam in two days so i know that feel (aka i wanna writeeee hate studying)

  3. If you fail the test, you can always arrange a general execution. But you won’t fail. Who could fail someone who wrote 10k only four days in?
    I wish I was doing Camp. I just had a great idea this morning. It came a bit late, eh?

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