Practice In Description and Nonsense.

I am currently sitting on the floor in the family room, with my back to the couch and my feet propped up on a chair. The couch is red – such a deep shade of red that it’s almost brown.

Nirvana’s Nevermind is playing. They’re singing about Polly. I’m not actually sure what the song’s about. I should probably listen a little closer, buuuuuut. Ya know.

Okay. Back to the description.

Erm. Where did I leave off? Oh. Right. The couch.

The couch is actually rather comfy, as it has a single arm rest and you’re supposed to sit with your legs out instead of sideways, so that your legs are on the couch and –

Oh my, I suck at descriptions and the like. Can’t I just talk about something else?

Alright. I’ll tell you a story that I wrote for my friend Nicholas a few days ago. He asked for “a story. About a dinosaur and a rhino. Okay?” and I was like, Fiiiiiiiine.


Once upon a time there was a rhino named Nicholas. Nicholas was a very cranky and mean rhino and he told lots of mean jokes that nobody but he and his best friend, Kenan the Dinosaur, thought was funny. Eventually, Nicholas grew old and he died, and Kenan lived for a very long time until all of the dinosaurs died. 

The end.

He loved it. Nicholas even tore it out of my notebook and said he was going to put it on his bedroom wall.

I hope you hate it as much as I do. ^.^




3 comments on “Practice In Description and Nonsense.

  1. I love the story! It’s got a streak for the morbid that’s quite appealing.

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