Sarah Made Me A Cover. I Almost Died.

True story.

My novel, whose working title is The Lord Death (because it’s ALWAYS about the freaking devil or some demons, isn’t it? -.- ), has been given a tremendously beautiful cover by the lovely Sarah/Havoc of Comfy Sweaters, Writing, and Fish, and I thought that, prehaps, I’d share it with you.<3

GOOOOOOOOOODNESSSSSS Isn’t it lovely? :D Plus it’s got Olivia – the lady that is one of my closest friends and who I love very much – on it, so that makes it even better<3

It may surprise you to know that the cover isn’t about my MC at all – in fact, my main character is a guy named Tristan Harris, and the cover, according to the book’s description of Love Interest Number Two, is Fey, who, while not the main character, has a very, very, verrrrrryyy major role in the book.

So ya know. ‘Sall good.

I’d tell you all everything about what I’m writing, but there are a few problems with that.. the most major of all being that even I’m not exactly sure what it’s about.

Apparently, though, it’s about death, and someone who rules over it, so.


Loving you all,




11 comments on “Sarah Made Me A Cover. I Almost Died.

  1. I must say that if I saw that book in the library I’d look at it just because of the title… and put it down because of the cover. It may surprise you, but I don’t read many books featuring adolescent females on the covers.

    • Oh, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

      But. You must admit that it’s a rather pretty picture. And my judgement of what’s best for the storyline is rather clouded due to Olivia’s face being on the cover of my as-of-yet unwritten book. So. (:

      • Yeah, you kind of need the book finished before you start on the cover. You need something relevant slapped on there.
        Otherwise, however, I’d say that it’s a passable cover. If you were doing a paranormal romance sort of thing, you’d need the main character on there too just because that’s how paranormal romance works. As it is, this looks like a children’s story for girls. (Is it?) But anyway, I keep getting off track. It is a good cover, and I applaud you and Sarah for conjuring it.

  2. Neil Gaiman had the book cover for American Gods before he even started writing, and that book kicks metaphorical butt. Anecdotal evidence contradicts your thesis!

  3. My God, she is such an amazing photographer. And I can’t wait to read your novel. Be sure to publish it on the iBooks Store or something.

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