Calm After the Storm

My third and final day of math finals have passed, leaving me with mixed emotions.

I know that I passed. And I know that they grade only on a Pass/Fail system. But I still feel like I should have done, I don’t know, better?

Normally, this would leave me panicking and wondering what I could have done differently, but I’m feeling rather… calm, about the whole situation. It’s eerie, but major tests always leave me a bit dazed.

In either case, I’m awarding myself until Sunday morning to forget that I need to study for my history finals on Monday. What am I going to do with my two-ish days of free time?

I’m going to hit 25k. Like a boss.

But that means I have to devote lots and lots of time to writing, so I’m concluding this terribly short post and going to spend the entire night warring with Melly, whom I love very much.

I also love all of you.



3 comments on “Calm After the Storm

  1. What’s your wordcount currently?

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