Censorship, Yo.

Currently, I’m listening to a very lyrically explicit and a bit disturbing album, although the sheer grossness of it doesn’t take away from the genius of the metaphors and all that fun stuff that makes the music really good.

And because I’ve made that my opening point, I guess I’ll talk about censorship.

Some of you might not like me for what I’m saying, but ya know, I don’t really care.

I used to think that people shouldn’t use vulgar language in their songs or their books, and they shouldn’t mention touchy subjects like sex or drugs or politics or anything moderately offensive to anyone.

And then I realized that it wasn’t my work, and since it wasn’t, I had no right to tell them how to create their art.

I’ll say this: I respect anybody gutsy enough to put their opinions out into this huge, judgey world that we’ve created for ourselves.

To make my opinions on censorship completely clear, I think that people should feel free to do whatever they want with their own creations.

I mean, I think that it’s important to keep the audience in mind – you wouldn’t want to drop four letter words in a Disney Channel song, for instance – but if your art is aimed at a general audience, why not?

Some people do tend to take their free-speech powers overboard, and I may not like it, but if it’s their art, I don’t really have the power to do anything about it, besides not listen to/read/look at it.

My point? Censor yourself if you want. Don’t censor yourself if you don’t want. But don’t let somebody else’s opinion scare you into censorship.

Do whatever.

I love yooooooooou.<3



3 comments on “Censorship, Yo.

  1. I do censor myself, but I always feel disappointed when I have to. Many things that are iconic in the world right now are pretty horrible when it comes to whether they’re family friendly or not, and when I don’t like to read them, I start to question why exactly they’re so iconic.
    Here’s the thing that can make this into a moral issue, even if you don’t think swearing is wrong. If everyone was considerate of the feelings of others, swearing wouldn’t be so widespread. Why? Well, some people object to swearing, either because it’s against their religious beliefs or it’s just not nice or refined. These people do not swear. But the people who do swear; do they object to not swearing? Do they object when they hear clean speech? When someone doesn’t use the F-word before every verb, do they mind? I think the answer is no, but you can correct me on that. If those people were considerate of the people who didn’t swear, they wouldn’t swear either. It isn’t solely a religious dilemma or anything; it’s general cleanliness. Cursing or talking about inappropriate topics anywhere feels to me like spreading river mud all over my face. If you wanted to disguise yourself as pond scum and the lowest of the low, it’s great– but it isn’t exactly a likable trait.
    Though there is much more I could say, I won’t say it because this has already been too long a comment and I don’t have the sponsorship necessary to prolong it further. Good day, madam.

  2. 1. I’d like to point out that love and friend are both four-letter words, and come up in Disney songs all the time. “I love my friends, they’re so chill/power of friendship–it’s better than pills/don’t do drugs, except for marijuana/because if you do Mickey Mouse is coming for you!” then they go into this banjo-style riff and I may have hallucinated that.
    2. Your new blog header is awesome. The words are so big.
    3. In response to Liam: I think this might work the other way, too, because if people cared about other people’s feelings and shit then they probably wouldn’t mind swearing because the whole point of swearing is to make yourself feel like a big man and they wouldn’t be all like “don’t swear” because then that would make them a meanie. Instead, people just wouldn’t swear at each other. It’d be “hand me that f–king remote” versus “that’s why your mom’s in a f–king wheelchair.” And people would swear at each other on occasion, like best friends and stuff, because that’s how they show they care about the other one, because PEOPLE ARE BAD AT EXPRESSING THEIR FEELINGS.

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