I Don’t Believe In Being Productive.

Hi, hello, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? How’ve you been? Oh, what’s that? Your dog died? That’s cool. I mean that sucks. But whatever, you knew what I meant.

I, myself, have spent the last month watching my first aunt get married, spending time with family that I haven’t seen in like a year, Tweeting, watching Degrassi, and watching Sherlock.

Please take a moment to notice that writing is not among these things. *dramatic sigh*

My summer break, however, will be over on the fifth of September, so I’ll be back to writing and school work and an actual social life (hopefully), and staying away from the tv, so my blog should be up and running (at least for a while) very, very soon.

Soooo. Hmm. Maybe I should write a list of stuff that I’ll be talking about for the next couple of weeks.

A List Of Stuff I’ll (Probably) (Well, Maybe) Be Talking About Via The Blog In The Next Couple of Weeks

  • How I should write more
  • My opinion of Chuck Palaniuk (spolier alert: the man’s a genius.)
  • stories from the new high school
  • short stories (if I can ever sit still for long enough to write them)
  • how my revision is going (Oh, yeah. Guys. I’m revising. Again.)
  • Insults to Sarah until she starts speaking to me more. ^.^ I love her. I hate her. SOMEBODY TELL HER TO STOP BEING TOO BUSY TO TALK TO ME.
  • How much I miss my Olivia Anne.

So yeah. Be ready for all that good stuff.

I suppose you’ll be hearing from me soon. I love you, I love you, I love you. You’re all really great. And stuff. Okay. Bye. <3



8 comments on “I Don’t Believe In Being Productive.

  1. Fee, I look forward to hearing someone aside from myself rant about how they should be writing and yet they aren’t (big shocker, I know.). Honestly I feel as though the majority of writers spend more time bitching about not writing rather than the time they actually spend being writers.

    • It’s all part of the lifestyle, love. We complain about not wanting to write, but call ourselves writers anyway. At least, that’s my experiance. What whatevs. <3 OH HEY PAGEY? I LOVE YOU. AND I MISSED YOU.

  2. Watching Sherlock is most certainly being productive. Don’t ever talk that way again, woman.

  3. Sherlock is indeed a productive watch. That, and Breaking Bad, or at least so I hope.
    I’ve found that vacations and starting new things are passable excuses for not being very proficient at writing for some time (as demonstrated by my starved word count this month, as I entered university).

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