Two Hundred Posts and Some School Stuff.

I never dreamed that it’d take over a year to get to post number 200, but at least we’ve all made it here alive, hm?

In any case, I don’t intend to waste this post talking about it. Instead, there’s a much more pressing matter to attend to. And what might that be, you ask? School.

Or, more accurately, being the new kid in a really big high school.

I’ve never, ever been the new kid before. I went to my last school district since I was in pre-k. Grades K-8 were spent with the same people. I could recognize everyone in my grade, if not by name then by face. I was comfortable. I was so very comfortable that it makes me kind of sick.

I made the decision last year to transfer to an out-of-district high school for exactly that reason. I was so freaking comfortable. I wasn’t being challenge socially because I knew everyone and I knew where I stood with each of them.

The high school that I’ll be attending starting tomorrow is much bigger than the one I would’ve gone to had I stayed in-district, and filled with entirely new faces, new classes, and a whole new environment that is a huge leap out of my comfort zone. And that’s the way I prefer it.

Anyway, all summer people have been asking me if I was nervous for freshman year. And all summer I’ve been avoiding the question, because up until today I honestly had no idea whether it was my first year that I’m nervous about, or if it was being with new people and trying my best to make new friends.

But I thought about it, and I realized that if I was going to the same high school as all those people that I’ve known for years, I wouldn’t be nervous at all.

I start tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be able to report back to give you a play-by-play of my day. Until then, DON’T FORGET TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY AND STUFF. Remember that I love you.



33 comments on “Two Hundred Posts and Some School Stuff.

  1. Durnit, Coffee…How are you so young? I start college next year. Now I have to muse on my own mortality because of you. Happy now?

  2. Oh high school… those were the days. Of course this will be the first year in a long, long, long time where September doesn’t mean back to school, for me at least. In any case I just wanted to say I’m proud of you Fee. You made a very brave adult choice, that I don’t think you’ll regret. At any rate it’s always way more fun to change schools cause you can reinvent yourself and let people focus on the new you rather than what you did two or three years ago. Enjoy it and good luck!

  3. My little sister is a freshman, and just started today. I’m having a little bit too much fun telling her about the Dragonlady teachers. All of which she has. But aside from that, and getting lost (we have the same sense of direction and can get lost in a school that is shaped like an H), she’s fine. So will you be.

    Also – it’s easy to make Shelby contemplate his mortality. Take away his coffee. That’s about all you need to do.

  4. I started high school a year ago, and guess what? I started it with the same teacher, the same classmates, and the same principal. ‘Cause I’m homeschooled and there are no new kids. Joking aside, I understand a lot of what you’re going through, and I’ll probably be going through the same thing in about… fourteen days. If I thought fairy dust would give either of us luck, I’d hire a dump truck– until then I’ll just settle for best wishes.

  5. that is seriously gutsy. although, i start my senior year, and my best friend moved away to leave me alone, so i’ve had to talk to OTHER PEOPLE.
    best of luck, darling!

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