A School Day Play-By-Play

Before School: After being dropped off in the parking lot and making the terrifying walk to the double doors, it began to dawn on me that while these creatures around me would be embracing and kissing and prehaps even crying, I would stand terribly alone and knowing nobody. I was regretting both the decision to come to this new school and being there so early, when mercy came in the form of a friendly Samoan that I’d known for years. Thank goodness for other transfers. I stayed with him for a while until —

Advisory Period: In which I sat beside some other new girl who was really shy and quiet. She was rather lovely though. Also, realized that the son of one of my dad’s friends was in my class. So it wasn’t like I didn’t know anybody.

First Period: Alas, the period that I spent waiting to get a schedule. Thankfully, I ran into even more people from my old school, so I didn’t have to sit quietly by myself like a loser. I think, in total, there were six people that transferred to the same school as me, so yaaaay. Also, I showed up to Spanish I an hour late (because of schedule changes and such) and the class is filled with sophomores and juniors, sooo. That’s something.

Second Period: Was placed next to a girl that went to the Warped Tour last summer, so it wasn’t entirely useless. Also, the teacher is a genius. I have the feeling that everyone’s going to hate him (because he doesn’t allow electronics in his class like other teachers do, and he has an almost-monotone voice, and he has a huuuuuge vocab that most of these people wouldn’t understand) but he’s sooo cool. I should probably mention that he teaches a computer class. Just so ya know.

Lunch: Spent with the girl from my advisory class, and Paige and Ziare (kids from my old school). It was strange, and we weren’t fast enough to get a table, so we were all left standing awkwardly by the stairs, but it was fun nonetheless.

Third Period: Well. Most of it was skipped because I went to the wrong lunch (while Mr. Sessions is a genius, he gave me faulty information about what lunch time I had). So I got to Art Appreciation half an hour late, but the teacher was cool about it so it was all good. (Sarah Beth: I met a taller, more muscular version of Ruvim in Art Appreciation, you’ll be interested to know). Sat by a bunch of kids that I didn’t know. I *think* that I *might* have made a friend there, but I’m not sure.

Fourth Period: The last period of the day was kind of cool. It was personal health, and the lady who teaches it just introduced what she’ll teach (abstinence and sexuality, self esteem, substance abuse, etc), but I got to sit by Nik B. (a kid from the last school I went to) and this really funny brunette girl, so it was cool.

And then I got on the bus and was bored and alone, but it’s all good, because I met a dude with dreadlocks who gets off at my stop.

Anyway, that was my day. They didn’t eat me alive (but they still might, I have periods 5-8 tomorrow) and I’m not dead yet, sooo. We’ll see.

If you don’t hear from me for a couple weeks, it’s either homework or I’m dead.

I love you.



27 comments on “A School Day Play-By-Play

  1. Go, Frau Kade of Lizbean! I thought you was going to die, but you didn’t, so now I’m happy.

  2. See? No death. Also – you have super long classes. Like, super long. Mine are only forty-five minutes, and we have every class every day, with rehearsal thrown about willy-nilly during lunches. Teachers that everyone hates but are actually awesome are boss.

  3. Sounds good. I *think* I *may* have made a real friend toady as well. THAT MAKES 2 AND HALF KADENCE. TWO AND A FREAKING HALF.

    • Duuuuuuude. Bomb. That’s one and a half more than I have. Not counting the Steilly kids, of course.

      I think, at this point, Paige has become the closest friend I have. This is strange, but not unpleasant.

  4. Oi! What’s wrong with people who sit by themselves all the time? Some of us are reading, you know.
    And you have to eat lunch in a specific area? Maybe I’m crazy, but that feels constricting. Then again, my high school didn’t even have a cafeteria, all food had to be gotten outside of it.
    Also, it sounds that you got more people to talk to you in one day than I tend to do in a couple months’ time, so if that’s important to you in any way, you do not have my permission to complain.

    • Some of you manage to look cool by sitting by yourselves. I just look like a socially awkward penguin. Plus. Ya know. I’m a very social creature.
      And HOW DID YOUR HIGH SCHOOL NOT HAVE A CAF. That’s crazy to me. And yeah, pretty much. We have to eat in either the caf or the 500 hallway (it’s outside, so the few times that it’s sunny out it’s really nice).

  5. I salute you, brave soul.
    I also can’t decide whether I would like to have four periods a day like you or not. On one hand, you only get to see the teachers you hate only two to three days a week. But I’m afraid that if I were stuck in a boring class, it would be an awfully long wait for the bell to ring. I can’t make up my mind!
    Congratulations on not dying, and doing much better at making friends than I would in a week.
    One tip: The best way to make friends is to offer gum to everyone you talk to. Gum=new best friend.

    • Trust me. My English teacher, believe it or not, kind of sucks. It was a very, very long 90 minutes. And add to that that it happens to be the very end of the day that I had her and it was hell.
      ALSO WHY DIDN’T I ALREADY THINK OF THAT? Gum. I should have known better. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. *facepalm*

      • You’ve convinced me that I like my schedule the way it is. English class (at least for me) is either really fun or really boring. There’s not much of an in-between. So when the class is boring AND 90 minutes, AND at the very end of the day, I would probably kill myself twenty minutes in. Then again, I over-react to everything.
        Don’t feel bad about the gum thing. It took me fourteen years of advanced, complex studies to finally figure out that gum=good and now I’m here to spread the word. It’s probably the sole purpose for my very existence.

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