Four In The Morning Blues

I guess I wrote this last night. I don’t even remember it. But I guess I’ll post it now.

These are reasons why 4 AM is the most ungodly hour in the history of time and stuff. I hope you enjoy it.

Reasons Why/Instances When Four AM Is A Really Bad Time To Still Be Awake.

  • Sleepiness. If you’re trying to pull an all-nighter, this is the time that you’ll most likely pass out, in my experience at least. And then, because you went to bed at four, you won’t be able to wake up at whatever time you actually need to, and you’ll end up sleeping until noon (or three p.m. if you’re me) and guys that sucks.
  • When You Wake Up… Look. There have been tons and tons and tons of times that I’ve woken up around four in the morning. Just out of the blue, for no reason. And I just mean, it’s not even a decent time to be awake. At least you can justify waking up at five because you need some alone time or your hair is insane and you need to do your hair or whatever. But four is just a no.
  • Lack Of Sleep Secret Telling. Never, ever a good idea. Whether you woke up too early or hadn’t gone to bed yet, you are most likely suffering from lack of sleep and you can’t make good decisions in the state you’re in. It’s a little like being drunk, I assume. So if you happen to be awake at four at any point during your lifetime, for the sake of all that is good don’t try to like, talk to anyone or anything.
  •  I Cannot Stress That Last Point Enough.
  • Uncontrollable Loudness and Laughter.
    It happens. Like, all the time. It’ll be four in the morning, and everyone will be asleep, and you’ll come across a math problem that’s like Meghan bought 40 watermelons, and you’ll laugh uncontrollably because, guys, who needs *forty* watermelons? Or, you’ll be laying in bed, listening to music, and your song will come on and you’ll just be like I HEARD THAT YOU LIKE THE BAD GIRLS HONEY, IS THAT TRUEEEE? IT’S BETTER THAN YOU EVER EVEN KNEWWWWW… and then your mom will you to please shut up, because she has to be awake in two hours and she hasn’t even gone to sleep yet, and you’ll yell back that maybe she should stay up with you and sing Lana Del Rey songs, and she’ll tell you that she doesn’t like Lana Del Rey and once again, could you please shut up.
  • You write really bad blog posts that ramble and make no sense. Like this one.

In any case, I love you and I should probably get some sleep because I am really really tired but I don’t want to because I’ll just end up sleeping really really well tomorrow.

Okay. Bye.



17 comments on “Four In The Morning Blues

  1. I enjoyed this– I’m sorry if you didn’t. I usually sleep through that ungodly hour, so I wouldn’t really be the one to agree, but… it’s funny.

  2. It’s also really bad when you get up super duper early because then by normal bedtime you’re that bad, too. Case-in-point: Sometime around 9:00 P.M. central I started laughing uncontrollably and yelling to myself “I’m going to f—ing kill your family!” in funny voices until I decided to go to sleep and therefore not die. Just sayin’.

  3. Indeed… oddly, at least in my experience, this doesn’t seem to happen when you’re on afternoon shift and thus usually stay up til’ ungodly hours like these and wake up around or past noon.
    Most of the time, though, I find that staying up til 3 AM can lead to bouts of euphoria, depression, desires to work on things you’re usually too lazy to, fits of maniacal laughter, among other things.

  4. Wow I actually love this post. It is completely true in all ways. One time I stayed up until five writing and doing homework and the next day I had to do a presentation for English and I don’t remember that day at all except for a brief encounter with some plastic legs and losing my junk drive twice. Wow. Yeah, staying up until four is not usually the best idea.

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