Sleep Deprivation Sucks.

So, having successfully completed ten full days of school, I can honestly say that I am already feeling the strains of waking up so early.

I just mean, really, as teenagers, we shouldn’t be waking up at 5 or 6 to go to school. Like, my bus comes at 6:30 a.m., and I know for a fact that my hair needs 45 minutes of styling and that I take really long showers, so that’s at least 15-20 minutes. And then I have to decide what I’m wearing, and that takes 20 minutes.

I’m waking up at 5 every day, and my body’s still in the mode where it wants to stay up until two or three or godforbid four in the morning.

I remember a time when I could skate by on 4-6 hours of sleep at night. Now I’m struggling with 8 or 9 hours.

I’m sure that I’ll get to the point when I can sleep less again, but at the moment, I’m dealing with the side affects of not sleeping my expected ten hours a night.

Namely, the dark circles under my eyes (which are really prominent because of my complexion), falling asleep in geometry class, and needing caffeine both before and during school.

Plus, I’m really kind of mean when I’m sleepy.

ANYWAY. Just wanted to say a little something something about all that. I feel sorry for anyone else whose bus comes at six thirty in the freaking morning.

And also any homeschooled kids that may be reading this, if you get to wake up whenever you want then I hate you.

But I love you anyway.

Mmmkay. I need a nap. I LOVE YOU.



19 comments on “Sleep Deprivation Sucks.

  1. For the record, I don’t get to wake up when I want to. I get to go to bed when I want to, though, so that makes up for it. I do find it funny when people assume I would sleep until noon if left to my own devices, though. Eight thirty, yes, at the latest– never noon.
    I pity you, though. I can’t imagine what ungodly activities keep you up until after midnight.

    • Oh man. I would sleep until 2 in the afternoon every day if I could. That’s what I do during the summer, in any case.
      And… well, there a variety of things that keep me up after midnight. All of them I love and would prefer not to divulge.

  2. Hey I’m even better than a homeschool kid, I’m a college student and I don’t have school right now. When I do start school in January I’m living across the street from my school and I’ll only have school for two days a week (but then again those days will start at 7:45 and end at 4-ish). But good luck readjusting your body’s sleep schedule. Being tired is not fun at all :/

  3. I liked this post because I find your suffering humorous. It makes me forget how sucky my life can be sometimes, too. May Allah smile upon you. Or, you know, whatevs.

  4. Oh yes, sleep deprivation. I remember that happening in the last semester of my senior year…I would get really terrible headaches and not be able to do anything because of it.
    And I would start falling asleep in my first hour class, which wasn’t so bad because I was a TA, but it was still kind of embarrassing.
    I don’t have this problem now, but I only have an early class on Friday (7:30). I think I actually wake up halfway through it, which is bad, since it’s chemistry, and I’m not that good at chemistry.
    So, uh…I suggest naps! Just don’t sleep too long, or you’ll feel even more tired. At least, that’s what happens to me.

  5. I gotta get up at 730, which is bad enough. morg is online schooled, so don’t even get me started on that. makes me sad when im coming home from school and she’s just getting up. :(
    anyway, best of luck for this week, pretty girl!

    • Thank you my love! And yeah. Morg’s schedule makes me insanely jealous and makes me consider online schooling, buuuut without school I’d have no social life, and I need a social life to fully function.
      So that’s a thing.

    • Thank you my love! And yeah. Morg’s schedule makes me insanely jealous and makes me consider online schooling, buuuut without school I’d have no social life, and I need a social life to fully function.
      So that’s a thing.

  6. Ah, the loveliness of high schools that force you to come in at 7 in the morning.
    Thank goodness for my uni, which doesn’t start until 10 unless you’re an extremist. But anyway…
    My first year of high school was actually on afternoon shift, which is strange in that you get lots of time to sleep, but not really any time for anything else.
    I recall being slightly polyphasic in that I would use any class-free hours to find a nice, quiet classroom and fall asleep right there on a desk. Uncomfortable no doubt, but it kept me from fainting more than once.
    Other times, when there were several free hours in a row, I’d walk to a lovely park at the borough center nearby and just sort of fall asleep on a bench. Indeed, there was much sleeping… and reading, when I wasn’t sleepy enough.
    Of course, I’d still fall asleep during some classes. Mostly maths class and ethics class, which was boring as hell. I distinctly recall not being able to keep my eyes open for more than a few seconds at a time even while looking directly at the professor, then as soon as the hour was up, just getting up from the desk would give me an energy rush.

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