Some Things I’d Like To Do.

I would like to make a post.

A post about how much I’ll miss Olivia when she’s gone or how much I miss her already. How much Sarah and Olivia mean to me, and how much it breaks my heart that we are all separated.

I’d like to make a post about why I feel nostalgic every time that I ride the bus home from school, or why appearance is suddenly so important to me.

I’d like to make a post about how it hurts to close my eyes, not only in a deep sense but because I scratched my cornea so it literally hurts to close my eyes (not to mention open them again).

Maybe I’d like to tell you that I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. But I’m not, at least, not really.

Or maybe I’d like to tell you all about GothNoWriMo (which I am probably not even going to really do) or my writing projects (but there are none to speak of), or perhaps how school’s going for me (but you wouldn’t care anyway).

These are some things I’d like to do, but I won’t.

I love you.



8 comments on “Some Things I’d Like To Do.

  1. You do insanely depressing very well, Kade. *No sarcasm intended*

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