So, My Biology Class Is High School Musical (and Some NaNo Stuff)

Quite literally. That’s what they’re all singing right now. “HIIIIGH SCHOOOOOL MUSICAL, WHO SAYS WE HAVE TO LETTTTTTT IT GOOOOOOO?!” And boys are break dancing on the lab tables and my teacher (Ms. Meanie Meanie Face) is like “BOYS! GET DOWN! STOP SINGING! THIS IS NOT CHOIR! WE ARE NOT IN CHOIR RIGHT NOW! DO YOUR WORK! I’M GETTING THE PRINCIPAL!”

So yeah. Not gonna get involved in that.

Anyway! I’ve been neglecting you and I apologize sincerely. School and stuff. You understand. Or maybe you don’t. But. Can’t go back and do it differently now.

But now I’ve settled into school and NANOWRIMO IS HERE (as you probably already knew, but.) so I’ll be around a bit more, hopefully. I didn’t actually start until Saturday night, aaaaaand, well, I have a grand total of 2,856 words, so. Gonna have a busy week trying to get ahead.

So short post today, but I’ll be back soon. NOW I WANT TO WRITE A DARE. Feel free to use it in your novels, blog posts, or dreams.

DARE: Include a flash mob or a high school biology class randomly breaking into a spontaneous song/dance into your MC’s life. Bonus points if they planned it or join in.

Okay, gotta go. The principal is mean-mugging me. O.O



4 comments on “So, My Biology Class Is High School Musical (and Some NaNo Stuff)

  1. I remember my high school biology class being really fun…I don’t think it was like high school musical, but it was still fun. I spent way too much time there, too – we had two lockdowns that year, and they happened in that same class.
    And your word count isn’t bad! You can get caught up really fast, especially if you participate in a lot of wars…

    • Besides the crappy teacher, I’m actually really fond of my biology class- the people are hilarious. Infuriating at times, but hilarious.
      Also YES WARS. If only I didn’t have so much HOMEWORK I’d be able to PARTICIPATE more. -throws some evil looks at her math book-

  2. That’s awesome… I wish there were more people in my school brave enough to spontaneously burst into song.

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