I Am Falling Asleep at my Keyboard

Quite literally, actually. Yesterday was a roller coaster ride of emotions and stuff and whatever. Time for a list? I think yes.

Some Stuff That Happened Yesterday

  • Obama 2012. That’s right, folks. We’ve got four more years with someone who cares about all Americans. So all my readers in America, rejoice or complain, I don’t really care, but had I been 18, I would have voted for our president. SO YAY. <3
  • My laptop died. When I say ‘died’, I actually mean ‘my dad accidentally tripped over the wire (that part was my fault – I shouldn’t have left it just sitting there, I was practically asking for someone to trip) and my laptop fell onto the floor and the battery fell out and I was pretty much freaking out, but it’s okay; it’s just the charger kind of really broke. So I need to go get a new one.
  • My word count is pitiful. At moment, I believe it’s somewhere around 4k. Which, I mean, isn’t too bad – I’m sure that if I had 24 hours, I could pull it up to at least 14 or 15k. ESPECIALLY if I had Melly with me. But. It’s just lookin’ pretty bad right now. That’s okay though – next weekend, I’m pulling two – that’s right, TWO – all-nighters: Friday and Saturday. (but Sunday is for watching Supernatural and also sleeping lots. So.)
  • And, once again: Barack Obama won the election. I mean, come on guys, this is history right here. WE SHOULD BE EXCITED. Even if Mitt Romney had been elected, every election is important and everyone should be excited. I love elections. I’ve loved them since I was in the fifth grade. Anyway, I think the President will be good in the next four years and I support him fully. So congrats to him. <3

ANYWAY I love you. Yes, you. And you too. You’re all great. But you especially. Stay brilliant until I can come back, yeah?



2 comments on “I Am Falling Asleep at my Keyboard


    hit me up anything. except not right now, because my hands fucking hurt. but anytime after that.

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