In Case You Don’t Know Me Well Enough.

Here is a list of things about me that you may or may not have noticed by now.

Things You May or May Not Have Noticed by Now.

  • I don’t share well. Like, at all.
  • I’m always tired. Like. ALWAYS.
  • I chew on my straws. It drives people who drink off of me insane, but, I do.
  • I don’t cry easily. Well, not like actual tears anyway. I have been known to tear up at TV shoes (THAT SHOULD SAY SHOWS, BUT I WANT TO LEAVE IT AS SHOES SO WHATEVER), though.
  • Whenever I’m in a bad mood I just look at the David Tennant tag on Tumblr and my day is made completely better by his facial expressions. Allons-y!
  • I am definitely not a forgiving person. I mean, I am if you apologize and mean it. I can let go of pretty much anything as long as the other person apologizes. But if you just give me weepy looks all the time, I don’t like you.
  • My all-time favorite romance movie is A Walk To Remember. I don’t know why.
  • I’ve decided that when I do have kids (a long, loooooong way down the road), I’d be happy with three boys. Boys are cool.
  • My tummy hurts in the worst sort of way.
  • Chuck Palahniuk is my favorite person ever.
  • I watched the last of David Tennant as the Doctor last night. Broke my heart, I swear it did. Also can I just say that HIS LAST LINE. Irony and all that, yes, because guys. It hurt.
  • Rap music is one of the biggest things that I care about. I mean, music in general, but especially hip hop. And there are so many stereotypes about it and judgements tagged to it that it breaks my heart.
  • I get scared a lot, but I’ve gotten better at hiding it.
  • I’m not actually an airhead, contrary to popular belief.
  • I am so very interested in other people’s lives. I want to know their problems, how they’re going to solve them, what scares them and what they love. Maybe it’s because I’m nosy or maybe it’s because I’m a writer, but either way I think it’s beautiful. Life, that is.
  • I’m sleepy.
  • I’m going to bed now.
  • I love you.



18 comments on “In Case You Don’t Know Me Well Enough.

  1. Obviously I’m not popular, because my belief never was that you were an airhead. Well played, Coffee–hiding an insult in a brag.

  2. … you… lied to me?

    YOU TOLD ME YOU HAD AN A+ IN SHARING IN KINDERGARTEN! How can I ever trust you again? *sob*

    Love that you watch TV shoes. How are they, by the way? Which ones are your favorites?

    I am also a nosy person. We can nose together.

    Love you too!

  3. When I used to use straws, I chewed on them too. I think that may have actually been the reason I stopped using them.

    I think I might only be nosy when it comes to my own characters’ lives. When it comes to real people, I don’t really like to pry into their lives because…well, I don’t like it too much when it happens to me. I want to be mysterious and I can’t do that it people know everything about me! D:<

  4. To this day I can’t figure out what people see in the Tenth Doctor’s final episode…
    I mean, maybe it’s because I’m an insensitive bastard (last time I cried was because of a book, and it took 500+ pages of buildup to accomplish that) but the way the 3rd-4th Doctors went had much more of an impact on me. Looking at those, Ten seems like a whiny wimp in comparison.

    • I still haven’t watched doctors 1-8, but I liked the 10th Doctor’s departure because on the ironic end. Throughout his entire go, he’d say “allons-y”, (let’s go in French), and his last line was “I don’t want to go.” And I don’t know, it’s this huge identifying piece, because who really wants to go? You may feel ready but at that last moment, you just don’t want it to end.

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