This Post Is For Liam, But About my iPod.

Liam, Head Phil, to be exact.

This post starts with me writing to Fall Out Boy’s Grand Theft Autumn, which is one of three Fall Out Boy songs on my iPod, the other two being “Dance, Dance” and “Sugar, We’re Going Down.”

As I have school in the morning, and I’d rather not think about it, let’s play What’s On Your iPod? with your host, me.

The rules? Pull out your iPod/mp3 player of choice/iTunes account/windows music player or whatever you use. Put it on all songs. Put it on shuffle. Write down the first thirteen songs to come on (because 13 is both a lucky and unlucky number). Feel free to comment on your songs, if you like. You’re welcome to participate in the comments. I am in no way forcing you.

1. Touch The Sky Kanye West Yeezy is actually kind of one of my heroes. I’m glad he popped up first — a lot of people dislike him, but I think that if you can be so mean, and hate everyone else so much, but still be really full of yourself and think everyone loves you, you deserve a little bit of respect.

2. Forever Yours – Alex Day

3. Take This To HeartMayday Parade From my sixth grade collection of songs that make me sad. One of the few from that playlist that hasn’t been deleted over the years.

4. Papa’s SongTupac Shakur Tupac > everything.

5. Rhythm of Love – Plain White Ts

6. Guns OutYoung the Giant

7. Dancing QueenMama Mia! soundtrack  Thanks to Sarah for that one. It was on a mix once, I’m pretty sure.

8. Harmony Never Shout Never

9. Don’t Shoot Me Santa – The Killers One of my very favorites. I laugh every time.

10. New York, New York – Frank Sinatra Because everybody should have at least one Frank Sinatra song on their iPod. And if you don’t have at least one Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, or Ella Fitzgerald song on your iPod, I’m judging you.

11. Superman – Eminem

12. Liars, All of Us – Chad Anderson Which, admittedly, isn’t a song, but I have quite a few Spoken Word mp3s on my iPod so I’m counting it.

13. Pink Matter – Frank Ocean ft. Andre 3000 Because, like with Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, or Ella Fitzgerald, if you don’t have any Frankie on your iPod, I’m judging you.

Okay. WISH ME LUCK AT SCHOOL TOMORROW. I love you and goodnight.



25 comments on “This Post Is For Liam, But About my iPod.

  1. Ruin It (Alkaline Trio)
    Glass To the Arson (Anberlin)
    Toes (Lights)
    Pray Tell (Anberlin)
    That Green Gentleman (Panic at the Disco)
    Life Starts Now (Three Days Grace)
    Always Be (Jimmy Eat World)
    Lithium (Evanescence)
    Breaking (Anberlin)
    Temperature (Sean Paul)
    Saviour (Lights)
    Been There Done That (Hedley)
    Holiday (Green Day)

    Sweet! I love almost all of these songs. As in, everything but that Sean Paul song which I only keep because it reminds me of grade five when my class thought it was the only song in the universe and played it ninety times a day.
    You always give me the best time-wasters, Feeby. <3
    ps if you don't already listen to any of these bands listed, start.

  2. I have no iPod (or any kind of music player, for that matter, or even music on my computer…), so I cannot participate in this. ._.
    Well, good luck with school tomorrow, Fee!

  3. Hmm, iTunes, don’t fail me now. I know I rarely listen to most of my 771 songs, but give me good ones.
    1. Rinzler– Daft Punk (TRON: Legacy soundtrack) — Well, we’re off to a good start with that.
    2. The Way I Do — Team Starkid — Two for two, go iTunes!
    3. Sophie — Mmmkay — Wow, okay, not a bad song but I haven’t listened to it in forever.
    5. To Dartmoor — BBC’s Sherlock soundtrack
    6. Journey In The Dark — Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack
    7. On A Night Like This — Dave Barnes
    8. I’m Not Afraid — Eminem — Yet another song I haven’t listened to and I don’t know why I own it.
    9. Love Somebody — Maroon 5
    10. Whatcha Say meets Down — Freakin’ awesome piano cover from Youtube
    11. Vegas — All Time Low — I went through an All Time Low phase and I’m not sorry.
    12. Is It Over — Kris Allen
    13. How — Maroon 5

    I was totally expecting iTunes to bring up every uninteresting song I never listen to. This does give an idea about how weirdly diverse my library is though.


  4. 1. Lament, from Evita–I haven’t actually listened to the Evita soundtrack yet. I need to.
    2. She, The Monkees–Another song I haven’t listened to,
    3. Fire, Jimi Hendrix–A good one! I really dig Hendrix. My cool musician cousin got me hooked.
    4. I Know Things Now, from Into the Woods–Sondheim is my man. I’ve listened to this one more times than I’d like to count.
    5. On Your Side, Rocket to the Moon–Never listened.
    6. It Takes Two, also from Into the Woods–I never really liked this one. I mean, Into the Woods is great, but It Takes Two defs isn’t the best song from it.
    7. One Foot Wrong, P!nk–I don’t even understand why I own this.
    The Bloodmobile, They Might Be Giants–Don’t judge me.
    9. Radio Capital, La Vida Boheme–Because I’m Hispanic and I can without being offensive.
    10. I’m Not That Girl (Reprise), from Wicked–because I have a gigantic crush on Kristin Chenoweth, and I’m not afraid to own up to it.
    11. Drop the Other, Emika–Okay, I haven’t actually listened to this one, either, but it sounds like something I would like.
    12, Not In Love, Crystal Castles–because Canadian synth alt-pop-rock-techno undefinable is beast.
    13. Allegro Non Troppo, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky–Tchaikovsky is my man. ‘Nuff said.

  5. 1. Star Wars, A New Hope: Throne Room, John Williams
    2. Mediterranean Sundance, Al Di Meola
    3. Midnight Sky, Clear Blue
    4. Reprise, Clear Blue
    5. Symphony No. 1 in C Major, Op. 21: I. Adagio Molto – Allegro Con Brio, Ludwig van Beethoven
    6. Still in Love With You, Clear Blue
    7. Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 16: I. Allegro Modrato, Edvard Grieg
    8. tres y dos, Mike Rayburn
    9. Symphony No. 9 in D Minor, Op. 125 (Choral): II. Molto Vivace, Ludwig van Beethoven
    10. Entertaining Angels, Newsboys
    11. Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2
    12. Moonlight, The Piano Guys
    13. We Are the Dinosaurs, Trout Fishing in America

    And that’s that. I’m surprised so much Clear Blue went up, but I have a lot of it. It was free, since I know the leader of the band, so what the heck. Probably my favorites on this list are eleven and twelve– I’m surprised no other soundtracks came up but Throne Room. Anyway, glad you posted. I’ll be back for another one in… how about four days? The sixth. Or do you want me to hound you daily?

  6. 1. Golden Oldies (Clock Tower: The First Fear soundtrack) – I’d tell you this was the music that went along with a clown doll coming to life and trying to bump a young girl to death, but I’d be wrong. That one is “The Dancing Doll”.
    2. Napoleon’s Final Conflict Revisited (Psychonauts soundtrack) – A nice enough mashup of the French national anthem and the 1812 overture. Oddly enough, I always thought this is the perfect example of what background music should sound like.
    3. Key (Minecraft soundtrack) – The quietest of all the Minecraft songs? I actually had to turn the volume all the way up and hold my ipod up to my ear to hear anything…
    4. Baron I – Grant Kirkhope (Grabbed by the Ghoulies soundtrack) – A lot of songs from Rare games are goofy, but catchy. For some reason this one reminds of the Scarecrow from Batman.
    5. Fire and Sand Temple (LoZ: Spirit Tracks soundtrack) – Well, it’s better than the other temple theme. The horribly monotonous one. This one, slightly less so.
    6. Dilbert Theme (Danny Elfman) – I liked that show. I liked it a lot.
    7. Burma Stress (Splinter Cell soundtrack) – I can’t tell the stress themes from this game apart from one another. If anything, it reminds me that I managed to reinstall Thief 1 and 2 yesterday, both probably my favourite stealth games ever, and that makes me happy.
    8. The Mean Emcee (Wario World soundtrack) – More or less same comment as n° 4. Except this isn’t a Rare game, but whatever.
    9. Pirate Hunter Battle Intro (Sid Meier’s Pirates! soundtrack) – I like the actual battle music better, but none of the music from this game is anything to sneeze at.
    10. Cortez (Paper Mario: TTYD sountrack) –
    11. Brinstar (SSBM soundtrack) – I love Metroid music like you wouldn’t believe. It does a great job at its primary purpose, and that’s creating an atmosphere. A scary, oppressive, deep space atmosphere (not this one, this one’s funky as hell).
    12. Not Tomorrow (Silent Hill soundtrack) – Oddly enough I rarely listen to this one, but it’s soothing enough. It might have to do with my slight grudge against acoustic guitars.
    13. Ending Theme (M&L: SS soundtrack) – An appropriate title. That is all.

    …what? I hope you weren’t expecting conventional music tastes from one such as myself.

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