I’d Like To Quote The Movie Heathers But I’m Not Sure What I’d Say.

I’ve got some downtime in my computer class (because I’m further ahead then everyone else in this class and PLUS I’M ACTUALLY PASSING BECAUSE GEE, I KNOW HOW TO USE A COMPUTER) (AND ALSO I SHOULDN’T EVEN NEED TO TAKE THIS CLASS BECAUSE, LIKE I SAID, I KNOW HOW TO USE A COMPUTER, but graduation requirement and all that.), and technically I shouldn’t even be in school because I am sick.

I mean, it’s not the flu, thank goodness, but it is an illness combined with all the stress of studying for finals (the dates of which, I’ve found out, have been moved so that I have them all next week, so yay for more days to study!) so I’m feeling like crap in general.

ANYWAY! What with all the illness and the studying, I haven’t had much time to write.

Okay, I’m a bloody liar. I’ve *had* downtime – I took the entire weekend off – but I used it to watch Supernatural and browse Tumblr rather than doing anything that’s actually productive. Oh well.

Okay, I’m gonna leave now before I pass out. Bye bye.




14 comments on “I’d Like To Quote The Movie Heathers But I’m Not Sure What I’d Say.

  1. I love the title of this. Seriously, that is one of my favourite films. Also, computer class is a requirement to graduate? That sucks.

  2. i took computers two years ago and i had a typing speed of 80wpm so my teacher told me to just do what i want.

    • WHAT LUCKY. I have a speed of 75wpm so I get a lot of downtime (because literally everything we do is formatting in Word and retyping the papers he gives us) SO IM LIKE WHAT I KNOW WHAT IM DOING I SIT AT THE COMPUTER LITERALLY ALL DAY.

  3. Odd… The only year of high school I had a mandatory computer class in was first year, and while a lot of it was faffing about in Microsoft Office, there was some Visual Basic in it as well.
    Visual Basic royally sucks, however, and is not a good programming resource to rely on. Thank goodness for the computer specialty the other two years offered. Oh C, I barely knew ye.

  4. My profoundest apologies, m’lady. Time flew like an arrow into the heart of my productivity and passed through the other side unhindered, but a breath in the infinite cosmos of eternity. In short, I’m late– I completely forgot. Since I didn’t come, you ought to have a post ready for last Saturday– post it now. Immediately. Without delay.

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