Hey look! A poem! ^^There’s the audio if you’d like to hear it; it is Spoken Word, after all. Excuse the crappy audio, please. ALSO IGNORE THE WEIRD LOOPING THING IT MAY OR MAY NOT DO AT THE END BECAUSE SOUNDCLOUD WAS BEING TRIPPY.

Here’s the transcript, if you don’t want to hear my deeper-than-average voice:


I wrote you a story.

It was a story filled to the brim
With pretty poetry riddled in
clichéd metaphors.

My love for you is a deep blue Atlantic, I wrote
And the hurricanes never subside and my


It’s a red-white-blue siren
In my rearview mirror
Will it be freedom?

My hypocrisy is the American flag
But where’s the metaphor when you’re comparing two things that are actually
And my story was full
Full of pretty poetry that I scrawl onto cocktail napkins
because I need to feel
Like a real

And maybe I’m a little terrified

Terrified that this big Atlantic hurricane is going to sweep me up
And blow me away
So far away from everything that I know

But my daddy always told me
To take one step
Out of my comfort zone

But where’s the comfort in being 3000 feet off the ground
Jumping from an aeroplane
Only to realize

Well, dammit.
You forgot your parachute.

And you’re always forgetting something,
Aren’t you?
Like your best friends birthday
Or her going away present
Or maybe you’ve even forgotten the fact that your best friend
Has a life, when you’re not around

Did you even remember to tell her?
Tell her that this poem was supposed to be about her?
Have you constantly neglected to mention the fact
That you’ve fallen in and out of love
With her words
For years now

And you meant for this poem to be the one
In which you could call her angel
And compare her eyes to the sun
And spit the pretty, clichéd poetry that you’ve kept locked inside of your chest

And confess
Your love

But you’re too scared to write it all down
And you don’t know why because you’re sure
She’d just take it all in stride anyway

That’s just the type of girl she is

And she’s so beautiful
But she refuses to see it, especially if you point it out
You’ve been so bad to her
Doesn’t she deserve someone who loves her more?


18 comments on ““Wings”

  1. “You forgot your parachute.” Love that line. It’s better with the previous line attached, but I prefer not to say things like that, even as quotes.

    Thank you, Coffee. I apologize for being late, and was going to bug you extra today if you didn’t post. Wednesday is the next slot, and I will remind you.

  2. This sounds just like the kind of thing people will find about 100 different interpretations for in a couple hundred years when your life is but a legend.
    Bravo, Fee.

  3. […] too long ago, the lovely Fee posted a tidbit of poetry which she had the grace to read to us in her own voice. This got me thinking that perhaps I could […]

  4. It is Wednesday, m’lady. My post goes up now– yours should follow shortly.

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