A Day Late and a Dollar Short (Alternate Title: Why Science Fairs Shouldn’t Exist)

I want it noted that as I write this post, it actually is still Wednesday, but due to sleep deprivation and THIS BLOODY SCIENCE FAIR, I’m going to have to proofread this post after I get some sleep before it actually goes up, so. Happy Thursday to everyone in tomorrow-land!

Now! Onto to my pure and utter disgust!

I don’t think science fairs are stupid. I think they’re informative and science is cool (when you have a good teacher) and they’re fun and stuff. But – and there’s always a but – but SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS SHOULD NOT BE REQUIRED.

This especially goes if you have a terrible teacher who gives you the assignment in the beginning of November and then promptly forgets to mention it again until THE WEEK BEFORE IT IS DUE. This also especially goes if you’re me and you need a reminder every so often or else you’ll completely forget about it too and end up staying up all night the day before it’s due — making up data, drinking highly caffeinated tea, and trying your hardest to make it sound like you finished your project way back in December.

Like. Me.

In any case, I’m exhausted and ready for bed. I love you I love you I love you.

(In case you’re wondering: I made up data about the effect of cell phone usage on reaction time. Feel free to use that if you ever need a science fair project idea. EVEN THOUGH YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO HAVE ONE UNLESS YOU *WANT* TO PARTICIPATE IN A SCIENCE FAIR. AND IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN A SCIENCE FAIR GOOD FOR YOU AND I HOPE YOU WIN.)

It’s really time for bed for me.

Good night!

And also good morning!



11 comments on “A Day Late and a Dollar Short (Alternate Title: Why Science Fairs Shouldn’t Exist)

  1. Damnit, Kade. You need sleep to function as a human being. Stop doing this to yourself.

  2. Your high school forces you to participate in the science fairs? Odd, I was only forced to do that in the latter half of primary school and through middle school. Probably helps that I switched schools right about then.
    I remember it being kind of fun when my projects didn’t suck because of poor teamwork/preparation. On my 7th grade one a friend and I made a computer game project and went on to another two “stages” just because nobody else thought to do that. Same thing happened on 9th grade, though for a maths contest rather than a general science one.
    The other years were pretty crap, though. Except for the fizzy drinks project. I liked that one.

  3. Yay! Happy posting day, Coffee! I’ll probably be back on Monday or something like that.

  4. By the way, I gave you an award. Might give you something to post on when you’re stuck. If you ever get stuck, you know, which I’m sure you never do.

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