You’ve Made It Through the Day.

It’s 7:30ish pm my time, and considering the fact that I’m on the West Coast of the US, it’s probably later for you.

What does this mean? You’ve either successfully navigated Single’s Awareness Day unscathed, or you’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day by spending seventy dollars worth of chocolate, flowers, and balloons on the person you love (your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other, your mama or daddy, or yourself) (I bought myself flowers. I love myself).

If either of these are the case, CONGRATULATIONS. You’ve made it through the day. All of the whiny “I Don’t Have A Valentine #ForeverAlone #Loser” tweets and pictures on Instagram of couples so in love that it’s obnoxious is over. YOU’RE ALIVE. YOU’VE SURVIVED. GOOD JOB.

Either that, or you’re lying dead in a ditch somewhere.

Either way, I love you.



22 comments on “You’ve Made It Through the Day.

  1. This is for me, I know. Thank you. So much. And not even for posting when I asked… thrice. But that was nice too.

    Good night, Coffee. I’ll be back on Monday.

  2. usually my daddy buys me a box of chocolates on valentines day, but he’s out of town, so obviously that was bad planning on his part.

    but, you know, i’m hopelessly in love too so that probably makes up for it.

  3. Ehhhh. Couples. I can’t wait to meet new girls in high school and forget others here.

  4. How about treating today like any other day? That’s what I always do…
    Only thing different about today was that my calc professor brought chocolates for us. :D

  5. The only gift I got today was a headache.

  6. It’s high time you posted, methinks. It’s Monday.

  7. Coffee. I don’t care where you are, who died, or what kind of catastrophe you’ve created, but if you are still alive, you have no excuse for not posting. If you knew you couldn’t post this week, you should have scheduled a post for Monday precisely when I told you about it. You have no excuse, Coffee. Not even your royalty can save you now.

  8. Well, considering my last comment, I dearly hope you aren’t dead.

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