I was going to write a super long super good post, but I got distracted by That 70s Show so.

Instead, I will write about Olivia.

If you’ve been reading my blog (or Sarah’s blog that she doesn’t post on anymore), you’ll have heard of Olivia Anne/seen poems written about her/seen pictures taken of her.

She’s like the art that you make midday that you want everyone to see and enjoy and love as much as you do (as opposed to Sarah, who is the type of art that you create in the loneliest hours of the night and you want to keep hidden away for only you to love).

Anyway, Olivia is beautiful. Not just in her appearance but in who she is.

And this was the shortest post ever. But I don’t care so I LOVE YOU BYE.

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9 comments on “

  1. Thank you! My debt is paid… for now. Your choice: do you want one on… Friday, say, or in another week on Monday?

  2. So basically, pre-Montreuil Fantine?
    (I might be getting slightly obsessed with a certain 19th century epic novel)

  3. I hate that you have enough time to watch TV. Monster.

  4. I used Vine before it was cool.

  5. Hey, Coffee– it’s Friday. I gave you the option earlier whether to post today or Monday again, but you didn’t deign to reply. Thus, I come to remind you tentatively. If you don’t post today, I’ll wait until Monday and harass you from there.

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