I’ve Been Given Another Award.

I take a really nonchalant attitude towards these awards but I actually really enjoy talking about myself so it’s all good. Anyway! It’s the Liebster. I was given it by this lovely blogger, and she’s wonderful.

Okay. Liebster. So that’s eleven facts, eleven questions, eleven bloggers, eleven questions. Okay.


  1. I’m listening to the Les Mis soundtrack. 
  2. My current read is Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin. I read it back in the sixth grade, and I couldn’t find it again after that, but I saw it at my school library and I was like OH YES SCORE. It’s a pretty intense book.
  3. I’ve been considering reviving The Never Ending War, or starting a fresh blog serial, but I haven’t decided yet.
  4. I’m going to be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this April. But I’m writing a script. I’m not sure what about yet, but it’s gonna be good. If you have any plot bunnies that are up for adoption hit me up yo.
  5. I haven’t written anything worthwhile in a very long time. I think I went through a little depression a while back and have just been in a rut.
  6. I hate using ‘depression’ as an excuse. UGH.
  7. YOU KNOW NOTHING OF JAVIER. I WAS BORN INSIDE A JAIL. I WAS BORN WITH MEN LIKE YOU. Javier might be my favorite character in Les Mis.
  8. My favorite type of tea is jasmine.

Is that eleven? Okay, good.

Now! She asked lovely questions that I can’t wait to answer.

  1. What are your feelings on cats? They’re cute. And cuddly. And not as needy as dogs. I like cats.
  2. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in a dream? Myself, in the mirror. (OOOOH CONCEIT IS SO FUNNY)
  3. What are you most proud of teaching yourself? That’s a good question. I don’t have an answer.
  4. What would you most like to learn about? Philosophy. (So if anyone has any philosophy books that they want to mail me I’d appreciate it. [I promise I’ll mail them back.] Or if you have a webpage that has interesting philosophy junk that’d be nice too.)
  5. If you grew up isolated on an island, what do you think you would be like? Lonely.
  6. What qualities do you hope your offspring will have the most of? Strength, dude. Not like, physical strength, although I’m sure that’d be cool too, but I mean the ability to put up with a lot of stuff and still be a strong person.
  7. Do you like snow? I like the idea of snow much more than I like actual snow itself.
  8. What would you change about the world if you could do so in the blink of an eye? I’d have stopped Europe from imperialising Africa. Or I’d change the way that people see Africa.
  9. What would you keep the same? Banana pudding.
  10. What is the best reaction to anything you’ve ever gotten out of something? I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE QUESTION BUT i THINK THE ANSWER IS LES MIS.
  11. Does this eleven bother you much? Nah, I like eleven.

I’d write you all questions to comment/post about (because YOU ALL GET THIS AWARD YAY) but I’m too lazy. SO IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT GIMME SOME FACTS ABOUT YOURSELF.




(Liam — I’m going to post about what we talked about next time. Because surprise award surprised me.)


6 comments on “I’ve Been Given Another Award.

  1. Odd, when I clicked on this I had “At the End of the Day” playing in my head.
    Also, have you read the original Les Misérables yet? If you haven’t, you really should. I’m only half done with it myself but as a novel I find it incredible.
    Also, if you liked Javert all that much, allow me to plug this.

  2. if you’re interested in these kinds of thing, i’d suggest this site : http://lesswrong.com/ – it’s very interesting and thought provoking.

    facts about me:
    – i got nothing

    love you feebs!

  3. It’s Javert, not Javier, but I forgive you since you said he was your favorite character. He’s my favorite too. His black-and-white view of the world, destroyed by Valjean’s good, is amazing.

    I was glad to see you nominated for another award, and I don’t mind the postponement at all. When shall we say, Saturday? Sunday? Let’s do one over the weekend.

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