Ew Yellow What

Recently, Liam told me to write a post about my least favorite color and why it’s evil. Fortunately, I have a variety of reasons why yellow is gross.

A Variety of Reasons Why Yellow Is Gross.

  • It doesn’t match anything
  • Urine
  • Pioneer Pirates (Sarah’s the only one that’ll know what I’m talking about so this one’s for her)
  • Yellow is like that annoying kid in the back of the class that thinks he’s hilarious but everyone wants to punch him in the face because he never shuts up
  • Yellow is like that annoying teacher that’s neither witty nor clever but think he’s the coolest teacher around so he tries to throw in some slang and jive-talk and everyone just looks at him funny
  • Yellow is like that really quiet kid that gets picked on and eventually grows up to be Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or something and then takes over the world and everyone who knew him as a kid is like ‘nobody likes you how did that happen’
  • Yellow is like Taylor Swift.
  • Taylor Swift and I have serious issues
  • I really don’t like Taylor Swift
  • Guys, she’s like Super-Slut-Shamer and Let-Me-Blame-Everyone-For-My-Problems and I’m-Like-22-And-I-Still-Have-The-Mentality-of-an-8th-Grader and ugh
  • I really don’t like slut-shaming.
  • Yellow is a slut-shamer.
  • True Life.

In conclusion, yellow is evil and hates you all.

Thank you and goodnight.



12 comments on “Ew Yellow What

  1. fuck yellow.

    i like blue.

  2. I was hoping for something a little more profound, but… Yep.

    Our next post shall be this Thursday, methinks.

  3. What is a slut-shamer? And what is the mentality of an 8th grader? I think I have the fixations of an 8th grader and the profundity of a three-year-old. They really know what’s up. They haven’t been taught not to ask big questions.

    • I will do a post on slut-shaming.

      The mentality of an eighth grader in the sense that she doesn’t care about much besides her next ‘crush’ and what is self-important and selfish in a way that most people grow out of freshman year.

  4. I am in love with color symbolism and how it plays into colors I love and hate. It kind of makes sense sometimes too. I’ve been really into purple lately, which is the color of royalty, and makes sense with my name, Royal. Also, it’s the color of transformation, and I’ve been trying to change myself to become more productive and better at concentrating.

    I also agree with your thoughts on yellow. It kinda sucks. And not just because it doesn’t go well with my skin tone :] It symbolizes things like dishonesty and illness, two things I don’t like at all, so it makes sense that I don’t like that color.

    Whee I’m sorry for the essay response but I’ve been totally into this recently. *flies away into the sun*



      No really it's interesting. I'd like to know more. If you ever feel like writing a super-long essay type thing on the subject feel free to shoot me an e-mail yo. (coffeethewriter@gmail)

      • Hahaha <3 I basically just google color symbolism and look how the colors fit into other things. Like when I'm designing characters, then colors often match their personality without me even noticing, and it blows my mind after I realize it. It's funny because the feelings of colors are mostly really subconscious things. The way red means hot and blue means cold, for example. Those are just things people mostly take for granted, but all the things that red means are things like fighting and warmth and stuff, while blue means calm, and cold and stuff. Bah, it's too late for me to be babbling on about this. Love you <3

  5. Well, I went and forgot– but you shouldn’t have. Thursday has come and gone, and no post has appeared– rectify this immediately!

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