Corner Store Blues.

I saw a group of boys my age rapping on a corner – like legitimately rapping outside of a corner store – a few days ago. So what did I do?

I stopped to listen.

They rhymed about school, and drug use, and family life. They rapped about feelings and the discomfort of being who they were.

I listened for a long time, to these boys.

Seeing them so willing and honest to share their feelings and mind state with their friends made me happy and sad. I can almost guarantee that if they’d been sitting, having a conversation with each other, they wouldn’t have said any of the things that they’d said.

I wanted to take out my phone and videotape them, but it would’ve been wrong – it’s funny how I could videotape a fight at school with no remorse, but I can’t deal with honesty as easily.

It was really cool to see somebody express themselves through an art form like music. It made me realize how much art means to us.

Art imitates life imitates art imitates life. It’s a cycle.

Those boys made me feel poetry in my fingers for the first time in a very, very long time. So to those boys, thank you.

I thought I’d share my experience with you. I love you guys.



11 comments on “Corner Store Blues.

  1. It’s good to have your poetic fingers back, my Queen. I love it when art gives expression to things we can’t otherwise say. Even if I don’t think rap is a music form, it’s still art.

  2. feee baaaby! thank you for the post. i shall email you the novel once im not lazy.


  3. So this is why you had poetry on your fingertips.

  4. Ta-da! For once, I remembered! And you can show that you did too by posting today.

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