A Love Letter

Dear WordPress followers,

You are a dream. Your eyes glow like the morning sun and your hair is, erm, glossy?

I’m bad at love letters.

I am good, however, at my Officer User Specialist class, of which I am in as we speak. Really, it’s just a glorified computer class with a fancy name. I have absolutely no work left to do in this class, as I’ve already finished all the regular assignments as well as an entirely DIFFERENT set of assignments that don’t even count for a grade – it’s just busywork, really.

My time has been consumed with studying for EOCs – End of Course exams, mind you. I have the first of two tomorrow – the geometry one. And the second (biology) is on the eleventh.

I am 65% sure that I’m going to fail the biology one. Mostly because I’ve just been teaching myself since my teacher is awful at her job and I hate her. But that’s beside the point.

I wrote a story for my dad last month. Will probably post it soon. Be on the l0okout. But for now, adieu.



15 comments on “A Love Letter

  1. i am literally going to throw myself over a bridge.

    my exams are soon. i have so much work that i get home at 4 and am not done until 12. im not sleeping. bridge bridge bridge

    these exams are worth 50% of my mark im cry

    thanks for the love letter <3

  2. Thank you for that love letter, Fee.

    And I’ll definitely be on the l0okout for that story.

  3. Best letter ever. Thank you! When shall our next post be?

  4. You’re way late on this, Coffee. I need that post.

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