Happy August!

Fortunately for you, dear readers, I am alive.

I know, I know, it’s hard to believe since I’ve gone, what, five or so weeks without posting, but it’s true. I’m still kickin’.

A brief rundown of how my July went:

  • Started Camp NaNo
  • Hated everything about my novel and decided to scrap it and make it a collection of shorts
  • Hated everything about my collection of shorts and decided to try my hand at stream-of-consciousness
  • Hated everything about that. Decided to just compile a bunch of minis together and hope I made goal
  • I actually did make goal – 51k WHOOT WHOOT – but it’s all just so awful I can’t even.
  • I’m entering a phase where I feel Spiritually Enlightened, which is cool. Barefoot freedom and meditation and junk. It’s actually pretty helpful.
  • I got into a minor car crash a few days ago and ugh my neck hurts so bad. Whiplash sucks, guys. Don’t get it ever.

Aaaaaaaaand that’s pretty much it. I know, I know, I should’ve posted since I wasn’t doing anything else.  Sorry. I was busy being Spiritually Enlightened or whatever.


I’ll post again soon. I pinky promise. <3



14 comments on “Happy August!

  1. Good post, Coffee. I’m glad you won Camp– I did too– but that car crash sounds a little… inconvenient.

    When would you like me to next stop by?

    • Thank you Sir Liam, and congrats! Camp was obviously pretty hard on me this year.

      I have a post planned and mostly written, so whenever! Maybe the 4th?

      • Fourth sounds good. I’ll trust you to take the initiative yourself, since I’ll be on a car trip for most of the day, but I should be around to bug you later in the day.

        • Oh, man, Liam, has trusting me to take initiative ever worked before?

          Except it totally WILL this time because I already have it scheduled and written and set for the fourth at noon <3

  2. water u doing
    no getting hurt u asshole

    Yay for hitting your goal! I also hit mine, on the 9th, and I think I may be writing another book for August (entitled The Nine Lives of Rowen and Luka it’s gonna be awesome if I have the motivation to finish it) then I’m MOVING on the tenth for university! What!

    Update more. Write about your spiritual shit that sounds interesting.

    • I’m sorry it was an accident IT WASN’T MY FAULT ITS NOT LIKE I WAS DRIVING

      YAY MELLS! You’ll have the motivation. If not, I’ll cheer you on or something. Also YAY UNIVERSITY YAY. God, you’re so old <3

      I will! I promise. I love you you rock

      • urgh well im already out of motivation because EFFORT so im just gonna pack and work on Rowen and Luka very slowly like a normal person and not finish it in nine days.
        so very old. <3

        you better!

  3. Congrats for making goal, at any rate. What are minis, though? Flash fiction?

    I recall being in a car crash when I was in the third grade, and while there were no major consequences, I did have to wear a stupid collar for a couple of weeks. Certainly remember that being pretty uncomfortable.

    • Kind of like flash fiction. Just little teeny tiny 100-500 word shorts.

      That sounds pretty uncomfortable. I wouldn’t like that at all. Car crashes are inconvenient.

  4. I missed you. I was worried you might be dead…

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