The Year Of Living Without

OKAY SO. Remember when I told you guys I’m getting all capital-S Spiritually capital-E Enlightened and stuff? Well. I forgot to mention that there’s this amazing blog I read called Zen Habits, and for the course of the next 12 months, he’s going on a Year of Living Without.

Supposedly, it’ll make life a bit more simplistic, and allow you to come to realize what things you actually want/need in your life. Basically, it’s an experiment in minimalism.

I, myself, had decided to take up the challenge – because I do love a challenge.


  • August: Junk Food. I’d been planning on getting more in shape before school starts in September, so it’s the perfect time to cut out fatty foods, fast foods, and non-natural sugars. Replacement Habit: fruits, veggies
  • September: sitting for longer than 30 minutes at a time. This one I totally stole from him. I do love to sit on my butt and scroll through Twitter or read blog posts. With this rule, I’ll be taking 15 minute breaks in which I’ll go do something else before returning to doing nothing. Replacement Habit: yoga, taking walks
  • October: TV. I spend a lot of time watching Supernatural. A lot a lot. A LOT. Replacement Habit: read more
  • November: Cell phone, iPod, etc. The amount of hours I spend refreshing my Twitter feed and texting is really just ridiculous. Replacement Habit: sketching, NaNoWriMo
  • December: computer/Internet in the mornings. I plan to edit my NaNoNovel with a hard copy anyway, so it’ll be a healthy way to cut down the distractions. Replacement Habit: edit NaNoNovel
  • January: tea and coffee. I know it’s healthy (tea at least) and junk, but sometimes I feel like I can’t live without it and it’s scary. Replacement Habit: good old-fashioned water.
  • February: twitter. OH MY GOD THIS ONE WILL BE THE HARDEST. Replacement Habit: poetry, meditation
  • March: Internet all day, except for posting writing. And limited Twitter time because I know I’ll be going through withdrawls because of February. Replacement Habit: reading, writing, meditation
  • April: buying new things. I think it’s fitting, considering that this is a month in which I’ll actually have money. Replacement Habit: de-cluttering, giving away unnecessary items
  • May: Non-homecooked food. I won’t eat anything that I haven’t made myself. Replacement Habit: cooking for myself and others.
  • June: Computer. As in, none at all. As in, not even for writing, which I’ll have to do longhand. Replacement Habit: meditation, writing, disconnecting
  • July: shoes. Not just physically, but also the philosophical lifestyle of being barefoot. [info: this postReplacement Habit: embracing minimalism

Sorry it’s such a long post. Hope you suffered through it with me. I love you very much.



16 comments on “The Year Of Living Without

  1. wow good luck im doing nooonnee of that <3<3<3
    enjoy the freedom !

  2. Wow–that sounds really great! I’m not really into the whole Spiritual Enlightenment, but I think the year without idea seems very wise and efficient. I know I’d get a lot more done without the internet distracting me. Bad internet. At any rate, I just realized that I have followed your blog for a long time and have (almost?) never commented even though I read most of your posts. (I get them in my email on my phone so no excuse there.) So hi. Mercia. :P I too love writing and drawing and Supernatural, and I think we’d get along fabulously IRL. At any rate, good luck on your journey, and I really do mean to comment more on your posts. :)

    • HI YOU’RE NEW. Well you’re not knew but I haven’t met you before. Nice to meet you! You can call me Fee or Kade or whatever you like, really.
      You sound like a wonderful person. Let’s be friends. <3

  3. Sounds great! Good job!

    About the sitting 30 minutes at a time, though? Sometimes it’s really, really hard to get off one’s butt. I have learned to migrate to the treadmill desk (treadmill + piece of wood) and just stand while working.

    • That’s a great idea! I never even thought about that, honestly. But I have noticed that I’ve been having a really really hard time getting off of my butt so far, and keeping track of time while I’m studying. I’m totally going to try that.

  4. Interesting ideas. I hope you can see all of them through.

    Next post on… Wednesday, maybe? Or is Friday better?

  5. It will be really interesting if you manage to do this. Best of luck Kadence.

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