Oh, Hey.

Would you look at that. It’s been about a month.


Considering I gave up junk food in place of blogging, I would constitute last month as a loss. (I did, however, manage to give up all forms of unhealthy food, just not pick up my replacement habit, so kind-of-yay Coffee!)

I hope it’s been a good month for you! It’s been a good month for me. Lots of self-study and stuff.

For those of you who don’t remember: this month is all about not sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time, and I’ve been doing well so far, despite insane amounts of homework from my advanced classes.

Speaking of which, don’t be surprised if I go MIA again for a while because AP World, AP English, Chemistry, and Advanced Algebra II with Trig and Pre-Calc are all on my schedule.

This :-) Workload :-) Might :-) Kill :-) Me :-)

In lighter news, I do have a couple of (read: one) blow-off classes and more library time, so with any luck (and apparently determination on my part because I suck at keeping commitments) I’ll be writing more and you, dear people who still put up with my blog, will be getting a bit more shorts/poetry and less of my ramblings and apologies for not posting! That would rock, wouldn’t it?

I will post again by next Saturday. Pinky swear. Cross my heart.




7 comments on “Oh, Hey.

  1. So proud of you :D It takes a lot of effort to give up junk food. I’ve been trying to cut back since I got to college, but my relatives keep giving me snack food xD

    • OH MAN. It feels like every single time I say “I’m not going to eat candy and junk food” all of my relatives want to buy me candy and junk food. It’s a struggle.

  2. hallo lovely ive missed you! im an adult now. its a thing. except im hungry and i dont know how to food so that’s a small issue.
    hooray for matching terrible workloads! :-)


  3. Shorts and poetry would be awesome, as long as the shorts are short stories and not simply short pants. Because really, I’d rather have the former.

    Anyway, if you want we can set up a post for two weeks from now. If you’re feeling exceptionally strong, you can go for one week. Whatever we decide, I’m going to bug you like crazy if you don’t hit it. Get this next one and I won’t go crazy on you next time you slip. I know how difficult it is.

    So. How about the 21st? Last day of summer should be something to write about.

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