I Guess I’m Mesopotamia

My best friend made a new blog. It’s called Lastly and Least or something. She’s a bad blogger but she’s a great writer and an okay person. You probably remember her maybe. Go read her blog.

She is the Egypt to my Mesopotamia (although I think I should be Egypt because I look kinda like Cleopatra sometimes maybe I wish).

(Also I am a bit offended that I am Mesopotamia rather than Eygpt because Mesopotamia was way more male-dominated and they had a really grim outlook on afterlife and that was probably because they all had sucky lives.)

(Plus I’m Black so shouldn’t I be Eygpt?)

(Silly Sarah.)

In other news, I wanted to tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a girl who was taking an upper-level math class. The upper-level math class’ teacher was really bad at explaining things and answering questions. This caused the girl to be really bad at doing the work. The girl ended up spending like an additional 50 million hours every day trying to learn the stuff on her own and now she spends so much time thinking about math that she can’t even begin to think about stuff that she wants to think about. The end.

That story totally wasn’t about me, by the way.



27 comments on “I Guess I’m Mesopotamia

  1. Yay! You remembered! Next Thursday, Saturday, or Monday the 30th? Your choice.

    Is that… Sarah the Havoc Fish? Dare I hope?

    I hope your teacher and math experience improves. I must say, I like teaching myself more than letting others teach me– a product of being homeschooled, I suppose. Good post.

    • Let’s try for Thursday, but if not then Saturday?

      Yes, ’tis Sarah the Havoc Fish! Have you missed her? I missed her.

      Thank you, Sir Liam. I don’t mind teaching myself material – but if I’m going to spend two hours teaching myself outside of class, what’s the point in wasting an additional hour and a half of my time with an incompetent “teacher” in the classroom? I’d much rather have a free period to teach myself.

  2. It’s Thursday! Rise and shine! *rings cowbell* Time to post! Of course, if you’re swamped today and you don’t want to do anything now, just tell me you’ll do one on Saturday instead and I’ll hold the cowbell until then.

  3. Wahey, I’m back! And guess what? I gave you an extra day. How about a post, then, m’dear?

  4. Now you’ve had two extra days! Post, post, post!

  5. I’m hurt, Coffee. Betrayed, even. You took my love and danced a polka on it. You withheld the one thing I’ve expected for the last few months. Please, Coffee– I beseech thee! POST!

  6. Coffee, I’m getting depressed.

    Well, no I’m not. But still, I’d really like it if you posted.

  7. Here lies Queen Coffee, who obviously crumbled under the enormous pressure of schoolwork. May the internet bear her soul peacefully unto the next life, and may her belongings all be left to me, because I really loved that stuffed bear she had.

  8. *sniffs* I don’t usually believe in ghosts and such, but… I hope you’re there, Coffee. Listening. Because you know, it’s been almost a week since you died and, well, I was feeling bad about it. I wanted to visit you this weekend but I forgot and well, I guess you’re still here, with the worms breaking down your corpse into nice loam. I still want your teddy bear.

  9. Oh, Coffee! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE?


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