In Which I Grant Liam My Teddy Bear

Obviously, it’s me, Coffee. I’ve entered into a half-raised state in order to explain the details of my death, attain justice, and grant Liam that teddy bear that he so desperately desires.

Firstly, the matter of my death.

‘Twas a cloudy Washington afternoon when I recieved notice that I would soon reach my peril. The signs were adamant; my AP classes’ homework was increasing, debate team had announced that we’d be meeting twice a week, and my DECA conference and first novice debate tournament were approaching at inhuman speeds. This was the afternoon in which I received my death-note in the form of a letter stating that I’d landed a leading role in the school play. Thus, the beginning of the end began (although, I suppose if I had to die, this really was the best way to go).

But lo and behold! Justice still remains unseen! Who is to blame for the murder of poor, innocent Coffee?

Unfortunately, it seems to be Coffee herself who brought about this shameful demise! How will justice be achieved?

I vote we all dance upon Coffee’s AP homework-littered grave.

As for matters of the will, her only prized possession, a teddy bear, has been left to Sir Liam, the Head Phil.

Coffee shall be sorely missed. May her social life rest in peace.


(p.s. In the play, I am Phoebe, so whenever anyone calls out “Phoebe!” I think “Feebee!” and that makes me think of Mells. I love you Mells.)


13 comments on “In Which I Grant Liam My Teddy Bear

  1. *hugs teddy bear* Thank you so much, Coffee. You can go back to being dead. (By the way, I love the name Phoebe. It’s a nice name. What play is it?)

  2. WOAH ITS LIKE I SUMMONED YOU! (well, dead you)
    i miss you feebee i am literally drowning in stress and homework and studying and lack of sleep, excess of coffee and
    fortunately im done midterms for two weeks (then i have more which is unfair) but unfortunately i think i had to give up some of my soul to get through them. whoops

    mucho guapa

  3. Hi there. Just popping by the grave site to wish you a few good things in your peaceful afterlife, and wonder if you could scrounge up another post. That’s all. Thank you!

  4. HI! It’s Saturday, and pretty late for me, too. You know what would be a great present for Sunday morning? A new post. How about it, eh?

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