Who Has Time for NaNoWriMo, Anyway?

I know what you’re thinking. It’s Novemeber!, you’re thinking. I want to do NaNoWriMo but I haven’t the time!, you’re thinking. I’m in debate and DECA and I have a million and one extracurriculars and I spend my weekends doing AP homework I don’t have time to write a novel!, you’re thinking.

(By you, I pretty much mean me, but I mean we can pretend we’re talking about you.)

Well, I have arisen from the dead to prove you wrong!

Times That You Could Be Writing But Are Instead Slacking Off

1. In The Morningtime. Do you really think you need that extra hour of sleep? Why wake up at 6:30 when you can wake up at 5:30 and get in at least 1k before your day even really begins?

2. In Between Classes. Stop pretending that you just have to talk to that cute boy in that 5 minutes of passing time! Get to your class, sit down, and write!

3. Lag Times in Clubs/Rehearsals. Not currently on stage? Not really doing anything productive in your club? Pull out that comp book and churn out those words.

4. In Between Homework Assignments. Because you know you like to take “mini” breaks that last half an hour, anyway.

5. Before Bed. Skip Twitter/texting/whatever and break in a couple hundred words instead.

There it is. Fee’s list of 5 times she can be writing but is instead slacking off. The moral of the story is, let’s all do NaNo together this month, even if some of us fail miserably and only manage 5k.

I love you.


24 comments on “Who Has Time for NaNoWriMo, Anyway?


    thanks for the tips, ive been doing all those things because they are literally the only time i have.

    9k right now!!
    good luck, COME IN THE CHAT ROOM, it’s chatzy.com/nanowrimo, I MISS YOU


  2. Yay Coffee! I have a friend who said she wouldn’t have enough time to do NaNo this year, and I keep wanting to email her all these inspiring posts. I have no need for them.

    Anyway, very good reasons, and you’re a very funny writer. You’re going to be awesome.

    And if you have any time– I know Melly just gave you another link, but whatever– I’ve got a word war chatroom running. We can get you back on track if you start falling behind. But that won’t happen. Here’s the link: http://us14.chatzy.com/49973207014728 .

  3. I’m sure you have lots of schoolwork to attend to, but perhaps you could give a short NaNoWriMo update? I think we’d all love to cheer you on.

  4. Doing the whole dying spiel has gotten kind of old, and I can’t keep doing it every time you disappear. Perhaps this time you’ve been kidnapped by evildoers who envy your insane ability to novel and do schoolwork at once– they have good reason to do so. However, perhaps they would allow you a little bit of time to pound out fifty words or so, just to give a word count and perhaps a summary of the novel. But if all else fails, just treat it like a tweet and give 140 characters. Thanks.

  5. Along with Sherlock, Star Trek, and (impossibly) Firefly, I am waiting for a new post on this blog. Perhaps it is a forever-unattainable dream, as Firefly Season Two may very well be, or perhaps it is just going to be a while, as Sherlock is, but I think we’d all like it if you posted something, however short. Thanks, Fee.

  6. I’ll give you your dinging noise now, but only to say that I want a post up on Sunday– don’t worry about tonight or tomorrow, just make sure one gets up on December first, or thereabouts. I want to hear how your November went!

  7. Dingdingding! More dinging noises now. It’s December 1st! Anytime today, you can write a short post and publish it, then go back to vegging out after whatever sort of November you had.

  8. BRAAAAP BRAAAP BRAAAAP! This is a top security alert! A deadline, class one, has escaped! It can only be contained if… (gasp!) Coffee posts something! Well, I hope she shows up soon, because my name isn’t Coffee.

  9. Ahem. As my previous warnings have gone unheeded, I find I must be more forceful.

    *bangs squeaky hammer* If you do not post within the week, I shall have to take drastic action! (Remember that this is the last month of me bugging you about this– it was last year’s New Year’s resolution, so if you post this month, you’ll have made it. If you don’t post, however……………………………………………………………. I’ll leave that up to you.)

  10. Hi. I know you promised to post (thank you, by the way), but I just wanted to say that I won’t be here for the next week. You’ll be on your own, which I hope is okay. You can choose to post more often to spite me, or less often to make me feel necessary, but I’m just letting you know. Thanks!

  11. Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease. Please post.

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