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Are You New?

So, let me guess. You stumbled upon this blog via the NaNo forums, or I convinced you to, or Google misguidedly directed you here from some completely irrelevant search engine query like “what to expect at the end of the war”.

Well, to you, reader, welcome. It’s very nice to make your acquaintance, and I do hope you’ll stay for tea. Perhaps you’ll even subscribe by typing in your email-slash-hitting the button to the left of the screen? Subscriptions make bloggers happy.

If you glance through the other pages (I have a bit of a love for pages, so there may be a few), you may or may not be able to see some things about this blog that you’ll want to be made aware of.

For instance, I no longer have a set schedule for regular posting times. I used to update almost daily, and then I tried Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and every other Sunday, but I’m afraid I just go with the flow. I’m in a ‘live and let live’ stage at the moment, and I’m sure it’ll change eventually and I’ll be onto a strict Post-Every-Other-Day-At-Exactly-Eight-AM schedule.

Most posts are short, and some are long, but generally, my writing tends to be the longer, and the random life updates range from 200-400 words.

I have an ongoing serial. It’s a “fanfiction” of sorts, based around my lovely virtual writing group, WriteWriteAndWrite. The work is called “The Never Ending War” (find the link to the page at the top). Chapters are posted bi-weekly on Sundays.

Much of the time, I extend my deadline, because, ya know, life has a way of getting in the way of everything you hope to achieve.

Ah well.

Hope you enjoy, and please don’t hesistate to subscribe,



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