About the Authoress

They call me Coffee. Or at least, I think they do. I would have a clearer understanding if I understood who, exactly, “they” are.

Whatever. I call myself Coffee when I’m in Internet-land, and that’s generally who I’m recognized as all over the World Wide Web. However, when I’m outside of Internet-land, the good ol’ people of RL call me either Kadence or Kade or whatever. Sarah Beth calls me Corb, but that’s only her..

I’m a teen-aged writer who lives in the U. S. I generally spend my time a) oversleeping, b) undersleeping, c) writing, or d) running. I’m also a full-time procrastinator with a fondness for Carlos Andrés Gómez, Supernatural, and books that make me tear up.

Also, I own a TARDIS necklace. So yes. I win.

Ahem. Anyway.

I don’t claim to be a debate team buff, but I do know how to hold my own in a good old fashioned argument, and I believe very strongly in the power of the Written Word, and as of quite recently, Spoken Word as well.

Writing is a passion, but I don’t intend to make it a career. My chosen path of late has been of the entrepenurship vartiety. (meaning, I want to move to a city and open up a bar. Don’t judge me.)

I hope you stick around.<3


10 comments on “About the Authoress

  1. Hi Coffee,

    Thanks so much for subscribing; I am doing the same! Your blog looks fun! :)

  2. I’m interested in knowing what theme you use for your blog. Feel like sharing? :)

  3. oh Fee, u crack me up….yes it’s your dear okasan up in this b%#&*…catching up on your blog…xoxo

  4. Supernatural! Who do you prefer: Sam or Dean? I know they’re both awesome, but we all have our biases.
    Incidentally, do you watch Doctor Who?

    • HI. <3

      Dean all the way. I think it might be his whole I-Hate-Myself vibe. Plus Jensen's facial features are killer. You?

      Of course of course of course. Nine was my favorite doctor, but I've yet to see Classic Who.

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