Comment Policies

Updated on March 18th, 2012


Now, knowing that all of my readers are super awesome and would never say a bad thing to anyone, I know that it’s completely unnecessary for me to write a comment policy. But… I feel that I must. >.< Some people just ruin all the fun for everyone.

And so, here it is:

You may not write anything judgemental, speak rudely to another person (unless you are close to a person and it’s just how you behave with another), or otherwise use “put-downs”. When I was in elementary school, we used to say “give up put downs”. Giving a put-down is being unprovokedly rude and unnecessarily stupid. Judgemental comments will be deleted. Period.

Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated on writing pieces– but that is not to say that you can be rude. I love, love, love it when people comment on my works. Criticism is great, as is saying that you liked it. It makes me so friggin’ happy. But saying that it sucked and giving me nothing to work with is not a good deal. And your comment will be deleted.

You may NOT link yourself when commenting. Unless necessary. Guys. My blog is not for you to shamelessly plug your own. Especially since if I like your blog, I’ll probably shamelessly plug you myself. Clicking on your name lets people get to you. You don’t have to link your blog. If you do, your comment will be edited, and the link will be removed. The exception, however, is if we were talking about something, and you say, “Oh hey! I did something like this on my blog, it expresses my opinion on it, blah blah! Check it out, if you have time!” and then put a link directly to the post. Then, it’s okay.

You may use curse words, just do your best to remain respectful. I am a fan of speaking your mind. Previously, I’d banned curse words, but whatever. If they are necessary, or you have been given my express permission, then feel free to do so.

Remember that this is my blog. You will not decide what I should and shouldn’t allow others to do or say. You will not decide what I post (although feel free to suggest post topics). You will not decide what I deem to be fair or unfair. You will not criticize me or any person who comments. You will not forget that, while you and readers such as yourself may read the blog and be my motivation for writing it, it remains my blog, and I will do what I see fit with it.

In all, the author reserves the right to delete and edit comments made on her blog as she sees fit. That one kind of explains itself.

Again, I know it’s probably unnecessary. But… well… ya know(:

And remember– Coffee loves you!


3 comments on “Comment Policies

  1. There we go :) Spelling & grammar nazi right here :)

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