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Who Has Time for NaNoWriMo, Anyway?

I know what you’re thinking. It’s Novemeber!, you’re thinking. I want to do NaNoWriMo but I haven’t the time!, you’re thinking. I’m in debate and DECA and I have a million and one extracurriculars and I spend my weekends doing AP homework I don’t have time to write a novel!, you’re thinking. (By you, I […]

On my NaNoWriMo Idea. (:

Have any of you read Realm of┬áPossibility┬áby David Levithan? If you had, you’d know that they were told about one specific time, one year, from the point of views of many different, connected characters. While mine isn’t nessecarily centered around one year (although the time of the novel is from the summer before senior year […]

The Snowflake Method– Hmmm…

Hello, my loves. I’ve planning. Yes, again. I think I’m over-planning. Oh wells. I’ve heard a lot about the Snowflake Method in writing– actually, I hadn’t heard about what you actually *do* in the Snowflake Method, but I’ve heard people refer to it in conversation, or even swear by it. So, after deciding that I […]