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The Never Ending War

This serial has been suspended indefinitely. Please check this page periodically for any news relating the continuation of the series. But don’t get your hopes up.



The Never Ending Wars have been fought by the four kingdoms in the Atlantic mainland for the last two hundred years. The four kingdoms run and live together in a mutual sense of distrust and discontent. 

The kingdom of Melkyre, or ‘Melly the Robot Queen’ is prehaps the most functional and respected society in the kingdoms, although she had the compassion of a stone; just as seemingly ‘evil’ Queen Kit, the cause of the wars, has a kingdom as starved and disgusting as she herself was infamous for being, all while her kingdom is being taken from right under her nose. The child queen, Coffee, ran a kingdom with all the confidence of a truly great queen and all the leadership of a sheep. And Lectin, the ruler of the guild of almost all-male Mercenaries (Mercs), was seen to be unethical and nothing more than a ruthless killer, or so the citizens of the Atlantic mainland belived. 

In this series of chapters, we take a peek into the lives of the Atlantic mainland’s royalty, and their desperate attempts to stop the war that they’d been fighting for centuries. 

Posting Schedule:

Chapters are posted bi-weekly on Sundays, unless otherwise noted. This serial has been suspended indefinitely. Please check this page periodically for any news relating the continuation of the series.


The writing for this one is pretty tame. There may or may not be some scenes of sort-of graphic violence, infrequent usage of coarse language, and humor that may be unsuitable for younger children (although, really, not much). If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Thanks<3


There are currently  seven regular chapters and one bonus chapter available.

Chapter One: Coffee Thinks Back is available here.

Chapter Two: Melly Loathes is available here.

Chapter Three: Kit’s Memory is available here.

Chapter Four: Coffee’s Visit to the Merc Guild is available here.

Chapter Five: The Power of the Mercs is available here.

Chapter Six: Melkyre Visits the Guild is available here.

Chapter Seven: Ignorance is Bliss (Kit’s Kingdom) is available here.

Bonus Chapters

Lectin’s Lifestyle, written by Lectin Gaezat himself, is available here.


Our story takes place on the continent of Strappato. In this continent, there are four kingdoms, divided by war and personal conflicts.

The Western Atlantic:

This kingdom is ruled by Queen Coffee.

Flag of the West Atlantic

Coffee is the child queen. She was crowned at the age of seventeen, after her mother’s death.

She ruled for three years until the war broke out.

For the last two hundred years, she has lived as her mother had always urged her to. She lived like a Queen.

Her people, however, look for any place where they can find work. Many live in poverty and many resent their queen, although almost none voice it. Treason was highly punishable by the Court.

Though, behind closed doors, they don’t speak of their ‘Queen Coffee’- they speak of ‘Lady Fee’, if that. There was no respect for the Queen that truly wanted to protect them.

Queen Coffee just didn’t know how to show it.


This is the home of Queen Kit, Lady Wrampage, and their citizens.

The kingdom Nirvana is supposedly governed by the Queen Kit, although only a few know that Kit is only a figurehead.

Flag of Nirvana

Kit, herself, isn’t aware that she is no longer in charge of her kingdom.

It is really the Evil Overlord Wrampage who has been in charge of dealings with the war. In fact, it is Page, the Queen’s advisor and best friend, that started the war using the name of Kit.

The people of Nirvana have been forbidden to speak of the war. The penalty for ‘lies such as these’ was death.

So the citizens lived on in fear and oppression, never expecting that their feared Queen was as gentle as the dove in their national flag.


Salvatore is governed by Queen Melkyre, often called Melly the Robot Queen.

Flag of Salvatore

While she is, indeed, a good queen, not many had ever seen Melkyre. She was thought to be all but emotionless; citizens thought that their queen could care less about them. Many saw her as a self-centered, vain queen.

Despite this, Salvatore is the most prosperous and the biggest kingdom in Strappato. This promoted the civilian’s self worth- and so treasonous talk was a problem. And for many, they saw reason to speak against their Queen.


Speranza was the widely-known Mercenary Guild in Strappato. Run by Lectin, the ex-tutor of Queen Coffee of the West Atlantic, the mercs were not only successful, reliable, and non-emotional with their work; they were also happy.

Most of the mercs were made up of outlaws and those who had dared to speak out against their Queens and lived to tell the tale. It was a gruesome process involved in being accepted into the Guild, but for those who did, they offered a warm bed, a strong leader, a source of income, and even companionship.

This, to those who were in other kingdoms to begin with and who were forced to be fearful, was worth such a vile job as theirs.


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